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Be Careful With Phenibut

Today’s article on phenibut barely mentioned it’s ability to be addictive. There are groups on facebook and reddit dedicated to helping people with phenibut withdrawal.

No, it will not be addictive for everyone. Yes, it is a terrible idea for some. It is not a treatment for anxiety.

Just wanted to put this out there in case it can help someone or prevent someone from needed help. Do your research before trying it.

This is never a bad thing, of course.

Because that’s not an issue when dosed properly, like the article discusses (and like any supplement or drug). The doses in addiction cases are generally several grams per day. The Z-12 formula mentioned in the article uses a fraction of that.

True. 250mg isn’t going to be addictive. But TC also says, “Take a larger amount, though, and you’ll nod off to restful sleep and wake up without the characteristic “sleeping pill” hangover.”

Either this was added, or I missed it in my first read.
“Overdosing, however, can definitely lead to the same kinds of nasty side effects seen with any number of anti-anxiety drugs or supplements, so if you’re one of those morons who takes 8 capsules of something when the label says to take 4, go away, phenibut isn’t for you.”

Yes, it’s one of the more controversial ingredients in Biotest supplements. It would probably assist folks if they were a bit more transparent regarding their blend so you knew the exact dosage. The same is true of Hotrox. The combination of caffeine and yohimbine can be problematic for some people (I speak from personal experience).