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Be Careful Out There


I read somewhere that you have to be careful in the gym when returning weights. Example; a couple of lazy- butts left plates and dumbbells all over the floor where I wanted to lift. Without a warmup and fresh as a daisy, I angrily started to quickly put back the iron in its proper place. As I swung a 60 pound dumbbell back to the rack…pop went the lower back. Yes, it was stupid, I know and I should have remembered that article I read about being careful when putting equipment away and even when loading a barbell with big plates.
I’m doing ice and heat for the back at the moment. I’ll keep you posted. If you have any ideas on recovery let me know.


I am sorry that happened to you but thank you for the advice. I don’t have any tips just hope you feel better soon!!


Thanks Country: feeling a bit better today.


My normal approach besides the ice and heat is light stretching and rolling the back out with a PVC pipe. If its bad enough some Guinness . Sucks when those injuries occur out of the blue been there done that.


I hear ya bulldog. I’m going to fashion a roller (I have lots of PVC and a chop saw).
Yes the Guiness and a good single malt can’t hurt.


That’s great to know!! I can’t believe people go to the gym to workout but are lazy and can’t clean up after themselves. I can’t stand when they leave dripping sweat everywhere on equipment for the next person.