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Be Careful Guys

Last weekend here in Charleston, South Carolina, a local resort community hosted an annual triathelon.  The final leg was the run portion, and not far from the finish line, a local pediatrician was leading, comfortably.  This guy was built, 5'11" and 190.  According to people who knew him he was a serious trainer.  He was  married with three children all under the age of 12.  He collapsed from the heat.  When he got to the hospital, unconcious, his body temp was 107.  His liver and kidneys shut down.  He never regained conciousness and this morning the local papers show he died yesterday.


Lesson: cardio is for suckers.


No Harris, that is not the lesson. But with a callous response such as that, clearly you are in need of lessons of a greater magnitude then you are likely to pick up on the net. If you hang around long enough though life might give you some of the lessons you need.


Haha. It made me laugh.


This man has no penis.


...or sense of humor.


as wrong as that comment was it still caused a bit of leakage in my pants from laughing so hard.


With a core temp of 107 it sounds like heat stroke. Hydrate or die.


Hmm, todays science should be able to come up with some type of temperature and hydration monitor... to let people know when they are endangering themselves.

Whether they have to wear it or just run past something that gives them a lookover every so many miles, it would be good for the sport. These fatalities really put a tarnish on the image of these races.

[I'm also afraid to hear that it was because of creatine or some other stupid assertion]

Finally, having children, I do hope he at least had life insurance...


[joke] Doesn't one necessitate the other? [/joke]


When you post a story about a guy dying from a cardio event here, you might as well have said he died from jamming 10 carrots up his ass. It is terrible that he died, but since none of us know him personally, were not being assholes by having a laugh over the comment. If you went to a triathelete board, and told a story about how some big meathead died under a bench press, they would probably have something funny to say about it too.



On a more serious note, I recall a young soccer player from the Cameroonian national team collapsing in the second halftime of a game last year. He died a few hours later. The precise cause was never declared, at least not to my knowledge.


actually I believe they have...there is a pill that one swallows and sits in the intestinal tract and delivers core temp to a handheld unit to keep you aware of your body temp...I don't believe it is really all that affordable now, nor how efficient it is to use right now - but I know the NFL and some of the bigger college football teams have used the system to monitor players temps

I think the Gatorade Exercise Science Institute (or something like that) helped develop it


Marc-Vivien Foe I believe, and i think they ended up saying it was a congenital heart defect.


...You can die from that...?


I think it was him. Was during a Confederations Cup match, I believe. Shows that something like this can even happen to an athlete who obviously is closely monitored regarding health and medical conditions.