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Be Brutally Honest


My 1 year 5’5 physique
Best lifts are 225 bench
375 sumo dead
Idk squat I’m at 285 5x5 right now I once did 315 for 2 somehow though

Try to take some pictures at home maybe with no lighting and a little closer.

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You look small but that could just be because your so far away. Will find some binoculars and have another look.


what do you mean ‘somehow’? those numbers translate well enough, that’s not surprising. if you could only get 1 set of 5 at 285, 315x2 would still be reasonable.

Anyway. I’ve probably never seen worse physique shots on here. not because your physique is that bad, but because they’re stupid pictures. They’re super far away and super blurry. Not sure why you thought these would be appropriate for a rate my physique thread. we can’t fucking see anything, lol.


Im in chemistry right now, might ask teacher for one of them handy microscopes.

All I can see is that you have pretty solid quads. If you are brave enough to pose shirtless on the gym floor, I bet you can work up the courage to take well-lit close ups at home.