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Be Brutal - My Three Month Transformation


This is my three month transformation. This is before lifting.






I have no clue why its not letting put anymore pics up










Need a leg shot, before and after. Understand if you don't have a before, but let's see them wheels.

I like the surface piercings, great placement.

As for the transformation, you look great. Seems like you were starving before, and started eating well with some good lifting in place. Works wonders. It's an awesome start, you're well ahead of most ladies who will never pick up a weight for fear of "getting bulky." Sad part is they'd all kill a baby panda to look like you do. Go figure.

Can't really tell any major issues, since you're just starting and don't have dedicated posing pics, but if I had to pick out a few things, it would be the following: Upper chest, triceps, back width and legs.

Your biceps overpower the rest of your arm, because you have long insertion points. Lucky.

By the looks of it, you're shoulder dominant on your pressing movements. Try flies for a better mind/muscle connection. Check out Akuma's thread about pectorales major.

I only notice the back width since the thickness came in nicely. Pretty much like everything else, some parts look good and others look freaking awesome, so the good one's get surpassed. The good ones are what you can focus on to be more balanced.

And of course, legs. Legs, legs, legs. Did I mention squats and milk? Or just squats.. either way, go heavy on those legs and get them up to speed with the upper half.

Overall + brutal? I'd say 6, you have the word I hate the most, potential. You could compete in a few years and this is a great start.

For 3 months? A 9, cuz you're so much better than you were. Like, ouch.


Depends on what you are going for..

if its overall hotness id say you moved up to a 8 or 9...

Very nice for 3 months ! keep working this hard and for sure you will have the guys trying to get you and the girls trying to become you !


Look great - a lot of progress for only 3 months training!

Great delts.


Well...you're hot. That's for sure. What are your goals?


Thank you for the constructive criticism. After reading your message I looked at my beginning picture.. YIKES!! I didn't realize how far I came and how tiny I was until you pointed it out.

As for my legs I actually have been squatting a ton recently, right now I squat around 160 in sets, I can put up 205lb 5 time with no problem. I try to do that two times a week a long with a leg routine I really enjoy.

I know my biceps dominate my arms I'm working on my chest and triceps to make them more proportional. Its not that they're lagging I just haven't focused as hard on them as I should. In a couple of months I hope to have everything more proportional. I'll be posting some leg shots soon.

For back width I've been doing pull-ups and pull-downs for lats. I've been doing face pulls with the long bar to widen my upper back some more and T-bar rows for thickness in my middle back a long with some other workouts.

My before picture I was 112. Right now I weigh 117 at 5'5.
My goal is to be in fitness magazines. I have other ones but they're way out there to be talking about them now, but I'll still keep them in mind:]


Nothing is sexier on a woman than some nice delts and a good set of wheels. I see those capped delts and my blood gets to boiling haha. You've done a good job, now don't stop!

I'd be interested in hearing what spurred this transformation.


I was at a great place last year with my muscle mass and definition. I was really happy with myself and all my fitness accomplishments. I was working at a gym so I workout out all the time like crazy and I learned so much. In October I was hospitalized and I lost all my gains. It killed me but that's what drove me to want to be better. I want to be the best I can and I will. :]


Holy shit! haha, wow. Props to you for getting back in there and killing it!


Thanks :slightly_smiling:


damn, what happened?!


My fiances brother hit me. I'm not the first person he's done this too. I had to get 5 plates and 25 screw to rebuild the right side of my face.


Not cool at all...what is wrong with people. Well not that it will help with any of the pain you went through but you are absolutely beautiful and recovered very well