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Be Big and Strong? Sure Why Not


Today is day 1 of my new lifting career. I have 21 years of life experience and 7 years of lifting experience. I'm 178cm tall and weigh 85 kg. My long term goals are to deadlift 700 raw, total 1700 raw at 100kg, and stay joocy without the juice. My short term goals are to work hard, be positive, and stay focused in all areas of my life. This log is dedicated to my great friend and coach Sid, whose routine I will be following in order to add some mass before starting a powerlifting routine. My current lifts are roughly 405/275/575 and my pr's are 565/405/660. I have mostly used unstructured personal programs but have used sheiko 29/37, sheiko cms and prep, smolov, big iron gym routines, and various Olympic lifting routines in the past. After this mass building phase I intend to start sheiko and big iron routines to get me to my strength goals and eventually start competing again.


Piv, you seriously have made me very, very happy with this. I <3 you, my brotha.

For the unaware, Mr.Piv is Eric Pivovar, a former Big Iron lifter with some great lifts to his name, both raw and geared. He's one of my best friends.

His first multiply powerlifting meet after 3 months training at Big Iron Gym

Multiple gym lifts

Piv is absolutely the most genetically gifted white guy I have ever met in my life, for both powerlifting and bodybuilding. His focus has been lacking sometimes. Expect HUGE things from this guy!


Mr.Piv as an 18-year old natural baseball athlete/powerlifter


Day 1

Incline bench 5X5 115

flat bench 4X8 135

flys 4X10 15

lateral raises 4X10 20

1 arm tricep 3X10 25

rope pulldown 3X10 35

bb skull crushers 4X10 50

Solid day 1, kept everything light but pecs are sore. Was thinking about adding dips?


Nice Welcome
And thank you for the intro State
Its always nice to have others here
We can all learn something from each other


Yeah, drop the 1-arm triceps stuff until arms day. For the 5/3/1 scheme, choose an easy 1 rep max for the lift (incline would probably be 205 for you).

5's Week
1X5 @ 65%
1X5 @ 75%
1X5+ @ 85%

3's Week
1X3 @ 70%
1X3 @ 80%
1X3+ @ 90%

1's Week
1X5 @ 75%
1X3 @ 85%
1X1+ @ 95%

Do this over three weeks and then repeat. An easy way to judge your max based off a rep max is:

Sample lift of 275 X 5

(275 X 5 X .033) + 275 = 320.4 estimated max


Day 2

deadlift 405 4X5

1 arm rows 90s 4X10

cable curls 4X10

db curls 25's>>>>next time bb curls

low rows 4X10

I had to rush and skipped lat pulldowns. Fingers are sore. Chest is still sore from day 1. Deadlift was slow. I expect large gains after a few weeks there. And I don't believe in rep maxes, Sid, but thanks for the 5/3/1 info. I will be using that scheme for my incline bench. Off day today, will shoulders hard tomorrow.


Lol, thanks for including full exercise names and for apparently skipping 1-arm cable rows. Rep maxes are just good for getting set up with a number to go off of.