Be At Peace My Old Friend.

I really feel for you.

I had to have my dog of 15 years put down last summer. Aside from the cataracts and arthritis, one day he slipped on the porch steps and blew his hip out. There was no fixing it.

I sat in the car and cried like a baby for 20 minutes before I could drive home.

Really sorry for your loss Stu.

    As everyone else said, I feel for your loss and my sympathies go out to you. It brings up a subject I think about often, which is, as humans we're constantly told how superior to other animals we are from the age of a child, and that our brains are so much more complex, etc,etc. And of course since we're humans we get to go to heaven etc while the other tons of amazing creatures that share the earth with us just simply die.

         What a crock, we share the same fates as they do, we come from nature, and we go back to being nature, in the form of simpler molecules etc. What we all have is heaven on earth while we're here. What a beautiful thing it is to live, for any creature. The other animals that are here with us, especially the bright and intelligent ones we all love as companions are much more intelligent than the human race as a whole gives them credit for. As a species we are flawed with selfishness and ego, whilst they are not. I like to think of them that way, and I think they serve to teach us all a great deal about what life really is and what it should mean while you are alive. And how you should treat all other creatures as you live amongst them. 

         I recently had to put down a family feline, and it killed me as did you. They offer so much more than any human most of the time, as they will give you their attention anytime you need it, period.

              take care Stu, you will be forever the better man for having and caring for such a wonderful animal who undoubtedly loved you more than anything else.


I’m glad you chose to share your loss with us Stu. I’m literally sitting here with my eyes filling up.

My old Doberman was like that for me. I was devastated when he died. I think of him every day even this many years on. Time may not take away the loss and hurt of losing a true friend but it will at least make it easier to handle.

Take care.

Another one sitting here with his eyes all watery.

I’m really sorry that you had to go thru this.

I’m at college and now I’m even happier that I’m going home tommorow. I’m gonna take mulligan for a really long walk.

I dread the day I’d have to do this to my best friend. I really hope I dont have to.

I thank you all for the kind thoughts. These past few days have not been easy. You don’t realize just how much a part of your everyday life an animal is until he’s not there. As weird as it sounds, I guess part of me always took for granted that he would always be around. It seems strange waking up and not seeing him laying next to my bed, and the worst part has definitely been the effect on my 2nd dog, a 3 1/2 year old schipperke named Koda.

She always looked after him as he got old, and picking up her leash at my front door wed morning only to see Koda run into my bedroom barking as she usually does to let Dragon know we’re going out had me in tears.

I’m trying to spend a lot of time with her, but I’m sure she’ll be a little ‘off’ (as I have been) for a while. I am certain I will get her another dog because leaving her alone all days just kills me, but now is not the time.

Still coming to terms with this,… I know it will take a bit.


It’ll take time mate sure - but you’ll get there and keep the good memories, of which I’m sure there are many.

I still hear Sam on the stairs occasionally and he died over 10 years ago. Still hurts.

You did one of the greatest thing you could do for another living thing- you stuck by his side all the way through the end of his life.

                  All the best mighty stu, have just had a pet die as well, I miss them more than people.
                  You were there at the most inportant time for him as he would have been for you. 

                     Sometimes life is just a bitch.

Almost 14? That’s almost 98 in human years. He lived a long life.


I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I myself am a huge dog lover. I have always wondered how I am going to react when my dog’s day comes.

You said exactly what needed to be said and I don’t think anyone could have said it any better.

When I wonder how I will react I always think about the wolves at the reserve in new jersey. A friend of mine went to vist them a little while ago and couldn’t figure out why none of the dogs in any of the packs had any energy. Usually they will howl, play and put on a show but this time they did nothing but mope around. My friend asked the ranger what had happened and he was told that one of the pack members died unexpectedly (lyme’s disease I think).

The dogs were bummed out because they were in mourning. I would only ask that you lay low, conserve your energy and take the time to mourn the loss of your great friend.

I too know how powerful the man/dog bond can be. Please understand that it is alright, it is natural, and that it is necessary to hurt over this.

I guess this is the price we pay for bringing other living creatures so closely into our lives. Nothing in this world comes for free, especially the kind of bond that a man can make with his dog. I guess we could be the kind of people who see a dog as just a dog and think that animals are stupid. I guess that type of attitude would insulate us from the pain that you are going through right now. But then I think back on all the moments I have had with my dog and all the shit I have been through with her in my life and my perspective changes. Times like the day I came home on 9/11/01 or the day my dad had his heart attack and all my dog required from me was an opportunity for her to show me her unconditonal love. I realize that it is worth having to go through all the pain of seeing your dog die because you get some much more in return from having them in your life.

Sorry for this rant but what you wrote really hit home for me.

Mike Cruickshank


My dad died 2 years ago - I didn’t shed a tear. Still haven’t. Maybe they will come. Maybe not.

I read your original post and cried like a baby.

There is something deeper between a man and his dog than ever can be between people. Maybe that attitude is my failing in relationships with people but that’s who I am.

I hope I can handle this as well as you did when the time comes.

You have all my condolances.

Stay strong.

I’m so sorry.

I could barely read your post - I love my animals - It’s gonna kill me when the time comes. But I’ve been thru it before, part of the price when you love something that will only live 15 yrs or so…

Again, so sorry for your loss.

There is a new book out called “Rescuing Sprite” about this exact situation. It’s by conservative talk show host Mark Levin and while I haven’t read it, I’ve heard good things. Perhaps it could help heal.