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BDWPNL Part 3 - Please Hurry!

Coach, j have one more week of workouts in plan 2. Then a week off. Is plan 3 ready?

Plans 3 and 4 are finished. But I’m not the one who puts out the finish product.

I need 3 and 4 too!! Please t-nation hurry!

coach, i am doing the BDWNL part 2. I truly follow the program to the letter. volume, sets, exercise. i have weak traps. Can i sneak in the snatch grip high pull in there somewhere? If so, where and what should i replace?

I am taking 4 Indigo 30 mins before i take 1 scoop of Plazma pre and intra workout and 2 scoops of Mag 10 1 hour after workout

why dont you use something else than high pull ? high pull is demanding for the body, not a good idea with a high frequency approach

I asked CT about this during Part One. He said I could add one trap exercise on Pull days. He recommended Kirk Shrugs, rope upright row, and DB shrugs.
Hope this helps!

Thanks. .

I actually find it much less demanding due to nature of the lift having minimal eccentric and being strength-speed. I feel like it’s prime movement to use high frequency approach with.

I have repeated the second half of plan 2 and my 7 days off will end Thursday. Any suggestions Coach?

This plan kicks ass that is why i am so eager. I am 57 and more muscular than i have ever been. Just want to keep making progress. Do you take Apple Pay for the rough draft?


I am new to the forums and new to your programs. I just read several of your articles today and now I’m just confused…lol. I’m 47 and have been working out most of my life. I was going to try your BDWPNL workout then read your EOD article. Are guys running the BDWPNL program not running EOD, and if not why? How do I get EOD programming that incorporates BDWPNL? Anyone is welcome to respond.


Sounds like you’ve had some great results with this plan at 57. How is your body holding out and have you tried EOD?

I have not tried EOD. I am doing well on BDWFNL

It’s just different approaches.

Your main training program variables are going to be volume, frequency, intensity.

The best damn series is very low volume, so it can be much higher frequency.

The EOD approaches generally have a more “traditional” level of volume per day. I also think they’re easier to plan if you’re doing it on your own.

I am a 52 year old lifter. I asked CT the same thing about incorporating those two programs and he said to increase the work sets to 3 and increase the warm ups to 2-3 sets, depending on intensity. I ran it for a couple of weeks and found that I preferred the everyday training better.
Hope this helps!