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BDWP for Natural w/ Changes To Get 1 Hour?


First sorry for my bad English
I ran this program for about a 2 weeks, i feel like i missed something when i leave gym, im not feeling right, u know what i mean, but i realy love the stricture of this program, realy feel good.
So i change it to 5 sets for 1 week and it feels better.
So i want ur opinion, i know the purpose of it changed a bit, but want to know will this work?
My change is:
All program is the same as orginal, but i changed the sets of each exercise to:
2 sets of 12 to 15 (when can do over 15 increase the waight)
2 sets of 8 to 10 (when get can do over 10 increase the waight)
1 set of 6 with orginal technic like drop set etc…
( when can increase the waigh of 12 and 8 reps, and can do 6 reps with especiall technic completely, increase the waight of last 6 rep set with especiall technic )


The important thing is to fit a program to your psychological profile. If you felt that something was missing, it might have been so. It’s not the best program for everybody. All I can say is that if you increase volume you will produce more cortisol. So look for signs of elevated cortisol (water retention, feeling colder for example) and to any loss in energy.


Thanks for help,
i wil carefull aboul cortisol next time and I’ll reduse the sets if i felt high cortisol signs.