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BDW2 mTOR Question: Shoulder Stretches?

I could just be missing something very basic but…How do I stretch my shoulders on laterals and OH Press? If I just let the weight hang with straight arm it stretches traps?

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The lateral raises are INCLINE lateral raise… you sit down on a 45 degrees incline bench and do lateral from that position. The stretch is done by having your arms hang to your side then bring them back and finally bring them in. Because you are on an incline you body will not be in the way and you will be able to bring the arms in to stretch the medial deltoid.

Thank you, but to be clear I’m on my back on an incline?

yes, back to the bench

Thanks, I appreciate the prompt response. I’m in week six and like the program. I’ve been a fan of HIGH VOLUME in the past. I plan to stick with BDW2 for quite a while.