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BDW and Agonist/Antagonist Pairings?

Coach, I am planning on running the BDW, and was curious what your thoughts would be on antagonistic pairings as opposed to the standard push/pull? Say, chest/back, quads/hams, delts (High pull and over head press), bis/tris? Would the occlusion from using one muscle group while the other is “resting” not create an additional medium for growth, ala occlusion training?
If it is acceptable, how would you arrange something like this?

Thanks for all the free help you provide!

I would you split the week up? Because the structure of the program is build so that everything gets worked 3x a week.

I suppose day 1 would be chest/back and bis/tris, day 2 quads/hams, and delts.

Day 1
Incline bench
Barbell curl
Tricep pressdowns

Day 2
Zercher Squats
Snatch grip high pull
Military press

Day 3
Decline Bench
Incline Hammer curls
French Press

Day 4
Front Squat
Lying leg curl
Lateral raises
Behind the neck press

So on and so forth…

How many days a week would you train and where would be the days off if you have any?

I personally don’t think antagonistic pairings work well with this approach since you only have one real work set per exercise

The plan was 6 on, 1 off.
I guess I just assumed antagonistic training would work the same way as push/pull.

Anyway, I know you’re a busy dude, thanks for responding.

No it does not, not with this structure. I’m all for frequency, but in this case some muscles will have too much of it.

Think about it…

On the split you gave the delts work every day.

Honestly, if I wanted to use an antagonist pairing approach with this program, I would have done so.

I see your point, now that you mention it.
Thanks for the advice.