BDFPA 2008 Champs, Resuls Anyone?

Just hoping someone might have a set of results for the BDFPA unequiped British champs (held @ Tamworth 6th April) and for the equiped British Champs (held @ Tamworth 20th April).

I was at the equiped and watched one of our club members take second place in the 82.5kg M1 (40+)class.
Russ got a 205kg SQ, 132.5kg BP and a 242.5kg DL all at 80.1kg (176.2lb) bodyweight. Congrats Russ, but there was more in the Squat!

I got a few snaps and vids, will post them on YouTube when I get time!

Anyone know what Matt Saunders put up??

Is he a super? If so he did an easy 212.5 bench and two other big lifts I think, a couple of guys on Sugden competed with him.

A link to the results for the unequipped was posted on powerlifting watch not too long ago, browse through and you’ll find it. Or check the BDFPA site if they’ve updated it.

I came 2nd in the unequipped 90’s with a 632.5 total. Although I missed the previous days lifting but Andy Bonner as normal was outstanding with a WR squat. Carn’t say I miss him dropping down a class lol! Best lifter on the sunday was Peter Sutton with Mark Lowe coming 2nd. All Mr Sutton’s lifts where superb and so smooth!

Matt Suanders was on operation with the RAF apparantly so the equipped 100’s where won by Phil Nosko. I don’t know any other results from this weekend gone as they aint out yet.

Here’s link to unequipped results;

Seems like some posts have disapeared?

No they are back again!

Here’s Russ:

Russ again:

with trophy:

William Brown:

Mark Norton (arty style!)

Mark Norton with 345kg? Maybe next time!

I’ll try again!

Guess the vid is too big.