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BD Prop and Farmak

Ok i have BD prop and Farmak. I got the BD prop first, i shot it once and that stuff left me in bed for a day after. I tried cutting the BD with B12. My question now that i have Farmak which is painless, is it possible to mix 50mg of farmak and 50mg of BD? Im saying this because i dont want to waste the BD prop.

I want to know whoever has used BD prop if you can cut it with something else like cottonseed oil or what is another method to inject BD without the pain and soreness? I have not used any of it yet. I know warming up the oil, massaging the spot of injection, putting a warm towel over the spot of the injection and other methods of prop pain. Is there any other methods out there? Extra information: i have 5000mg(Farmak) and 4000mg(BD prop).


You can cut it with sterile oil if you want. Or if you want to try the 50/50 mix … you can. You can also use the B12.
I have not had any problems with pain from any of the prop that I have used (I use a UG source), so I have had no need to cut it. It is a shame that some people have so much trouble with prop bec. I think it is a great way to use test.

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Thanks guys. So you think i should go with the painless farmak and then later since i have built a tolerance towards prop then i should try the BD prop? Just not to waste the prop.