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BD in the UK

Sooo, I was going to be heading overseas and wanted to know if you can purchase directly from a dispensary for BD…?

Ya know, just looking at their website, I probably won’t be able to purchase directly from them even if I am in the UK huh?

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Yeah, perhaps I will just go to one of those countries that is near Die Niederlanden und picken me uppen somes… hahahahahha

Why not just get them posted to you in the UK, and leave Holland for it proper purpose, homegrown and whoring:slight_smile:

Buahahaha, maybe because if I am going to go there I may as well save myself the problem of finding somewhere in mother england to get them sent too. But, while in Holland I may as well get the juice, the homegrown, and shop for whores… Ahhhh, what a country.

LOL. It’s definitely how civilisation should be, only with less dams, windmills and tulips. If you’re that way inclined try the Amnesia Haze from Barney’s or some ‘Cheese’ from Homegrow Fantasy. Not that I know anything about these things you understand! :wink: