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Rankings will be posted soon. There is much speculation over who should go to the sugar bowl after # 1 Oklahoma’s ass whipping by # 15 Kansas State. # 2 USC won their game, leaving them with 1 loss, alongside #3 LSU. That makes three teams with a loss. The experts are looking at strength of schedule now. LSU and OKlahoma both lost to ranked teams while USC lost to a poor team. Some say Oklahoma is going to the championship no matter what, and I think that’s ridiculous. USC’s strength of schedule went down last night after Boise State beat Hawaii and Syracuse beat Notre Dame, boosting LSU’s chances. Opinions?


-boss hog
baton rouge, LA

LSU deserves it. Oklahoma on the other hand didn’t even win their conference, so why should they even be playing for a national title? USC should be in the sugar bowl, but I have a gut feeling that Michigan is going to beat them in the Rose bowl. My solution to all this mess: have all division one teams in conferences of at least 12 teams. Then have all the conference champions play in a playoff. Let’s stop polls from determining championships and let teams determine it on the field.

Well I can’t believe it, but LSU made it to the big game. USC is ranked number 1 in like three different polls, but I guess they got screwed. The whole system sucks in my opinion.

I think it should be USC vs. LSU. LSU deserves it and so does USC. Oklahoma had it wrapped up but they screwed up and they got dominated. Like the others said, Oklahoma didn’t even win their conference.

This is a great year for LSU fans. LSU hasn’t been ranked this high for about 40 something years.

GO tigers.

Playoffs are not happening any time soon, the bowls will never allow it,and that where the money is. Its a shame, because this is one hell of a debacle.

GEAUX TIGERS! I am glad to see that my Tigers get a shot at the title. It is unfortunate that they dont play USC b/c I now live in Cali. and everyone is talking trash about how they got screwed. Somebody had to and I am glad it wasnt my Tigers. Looking forward to the game an for all you tiger fans the tickets go on sale Monday. AYYYYYYEEEEEEEE! See you in the DOME!

You can debate this issue all day long and still not come up with the “right” answer.
You have three teams with one loss as it stands now. USC and Michigan (2 losses) play in the Rose Bowl. USC is ranked #1 in both human polls. If Michigan beats USC, one would think they would have a claim at the title, as having beaten the #1 team at the time. If USC wins, they should remain #1 in both polls and would earn part of the national title by being #1 in the Coaches’ poll.
Oklahoma and LSU play in the Sugar Bowl. Whoever wins this game will be #1 in the BCS, and would automatically gain at least part of the national championship.

Either way you cut it, this has become a big mess. We all know that a playoff is unlikely, but the powers that be need to look at the current formula and find a way to avoid the mess we have now.

Actually, there is a way to keep the bowls and have a playoff system. Visit bcssolution.com and there is an interesting scenario in which that would happen. Something the NCAA should look into.

Why does USC deserve to play LSU anymore than OU does? The Pac-10 doesn’t even have a conference title game. They also lost to an average California team. OU lost to a ranked opponent that had won 6 consecutive games.

As some of you might remember, I'm an OU fan. Naturally, I'm going to be somewhat biased. However, with three teams with one loss, there will be one team that is left out. This year it happens to be USC. The Trojans are a good team, but to say they are more deserving than OU makes no sense.

OU has one loss, just as USC and LSU. The only difference is that OU's loss came late in the season, where USC and LSU lost early in the year. That is the flaw in the "human polls". They punish a team for losing late in the year, even if there are other teams with identical records that lost early in the season.

This is why we play the games. I truly believe that the Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl games will clear the controversy.


I think the big deal is that OU didnt even win their conference, yet they are still playing in the “big” game. I admit, that OU was dominant (except against Bama) all season, but the bottom line is that they STILL didnt win their conference. The same thing happened with Nebraska a couple of years ago when they lost BIG to Miami in the NC game.

Teams that play a conf. championship game are definitely at a disadvantage, but the conferences themselves are the ones that decided to expand and play a conference championship game.

USC can still earn a share of the National Title though if they beat Michigan by finishing 1st in the AP poll. The Coaches poll is tied in with the BCS, so the winner of the LSU/OU game will be 1st in that poll.

Im an Georgia Bulldog, so I hope that LSU takes it to OU. As far as defense goes, nobody has a better one than LSU does. Offense could be a problem against OU’s D, but after K-state layed 35 on them, Im not so sure that LSU cant put up some points now.

Oh yeah, Im picking Michigan over USC too.

Dustin I am with you on the whole USC thing. Strength of schedule has to come into play. I believe the bcs polls came out fair and as far a the coaches polls go, that is a crock. OU deserves to be ranked over USC mainly B/c USC has not been put to any test or been put up against anyone but a bunch of clowns. How does USC come out on top if they got rocked by Cal State. By no means is the K State’s team a bunch of scrubs. But c’mon Cal State! Dustin it’s ok brother the two teams who need to be in there are in and as far as a SHARED TITLE, tell USC to go to the store and buy a can of SUCK IT THE F*&% UP and have a good time getting their buts handed to them by Michigan! GEAUX TIGERS!!!

The PAC-10 is probably the weakest of the major conferences and they don’t even have a conference championship game. The winner of that conference is just handed their “conference chamionship”. I agree Oklahoma looked bad, but after hearing from everyone in the press that you had a spot in the national championship game rapped up…wouldn’t you be a bit distracted? While Oklahoma was playing a quiality opponent in KSU, USC was blowing out a second rate pac-10 team, big deal. Lsu is definitely deserving of being in the big game and I wouldn’t be surprised if USC got beat by Michigan in the Rose…with that bruising ground game. Watch out for the big 10 teams, they are solid and play hard games against each other all season…same with the SEC.

“The same thing happened with Nebraska a couple of years ago when they lost BIG to Miami in the NC game.”


Not quite the same. Nebraska did not even play in the conference title game. OU did what they were supposed to do during the regular season. At least around here (Oklahoma) it was generally accepted that with OU's large lead in the BCS computer rankings all they had to do was beat Texas Tech in their final regular season game and they were assured a spot in the Sugar Bowl. Oklahoma accomplished this.

I agree that USC deserves to be in the Sugar Bowl, but they don't at the expense of OU or LSU. OU's strength of schedule and their domination of teams during their regular season put them in the position that if they lost they'd still have a spot in the Sugar Bowl.

There is more to the BCS's computer rankings than just wins or losses. This is what hurt USC in the end. The system is flawed obviously and Trojan fans are right to be upset.

Its the nature of the beast but at least in this system the top teams are playing each other. Before the BCS we had split national titles and other nonsense. The "human polls" became more like a popularity contests. For instance OU has 7 national titles but also has three undefeated seasons and wasn't awarded a national title in any of those.

I will say this. If OU doesn't sack-up and play like they did during the regular season LSU will embarrass OU.