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BCS: Louisville/Florida


After what happened yesterday (Louisville beating West Virginia 44-27), assuming that both Louisville and Florida both win out, leaving Louisville undefeated and Florida with one loss, who do you think should play against the winner of the Ohio State/Michigan game in the BCS Championship game (again, assuming that the winner of that game runs the table)?

Now, I'm the biggest advocate for the SEC being the strongest conference in College Football, but I can't ignore what Louisville's done. Assuming that they run the table, considering everyone they've beaten and the fact that Florida will have lost a game, I have to go with Louisville.


depends on the ohio st/michigan game.

if thats an instant classic where one of them wins by only a few points or a last second field goal i wouldn't mind seeing them two in the championship.


OSU vs Louisville in the national championship game.

My house is going to be a bloody warzone if this happens.


If they both run the table Florida will have beaten, Tenn, ALA, LSU, GA, SC, FSU, and the SEC Championship game vs Ark or Aub.

If louisville wins out they will have beaten MIA, WV, Rutgers.....

I vote for Fla VS MICH on championship night!!!!



Doubtful, because of who they lost to, and the fact that the teams ahead of them will also be playing some tough games as well. Louisville still has games at Rutgers (BCS #12) and at Pitt. I think Florida has some tough games, not to mention that they have to play in the SEC title game against a likely highly-ranked opponent.

No matter what, there is still a lot of football left to be played before any of this is an issue. It could be that Rutgers beats Lousville and Fla St beats Florida, upsetting the whole apple cart. November should be fun.



SEC is overrated. Your mention of SC or GA proves that. LSU and Bama are both lesser teams than a year ago. It is a conference in transition right now. With younger unproven QB's running most teams except for FL. And Auburn has already lost at home. That means Ark. is your best secvond team.

If Ohio S. and Michigan play a very close game it could easily be those 2 in the championship. I can't see Loiusville passing either team--if they both are undefeated going into their game. Please, I hope not. Louisville doesn't have the D to play against a Ohio St. It would be a slaughter.


I like this scenario!


I agree that Louisville doesn't have the D to play OSU or Michigan. I think Rutgers would actually provide the most interesting game (of the Big East Teams), but even if they go undefeated, they wouldn't jump all the one-loss teams.

Also, I don't think there is any to see an OSU/Michigan rematch in the National Championship, recent losses just count for way too much in the human polls.

I am hoping that Lousiville goes undefeated, but gets snubbed by Florida, Auburn, or Texas to play the winner of Michigan/OSU (assuming they both are undefeated when they play, which they almost certainly will). Then, hopefully, the one-loss team wins a close game in the BCS title game, while Louisville wins their BCS game convincingly.

Obviously this makes Florida, Auburn, or Texas the National Champion in the BCS, USA Today, and Harris Polls, but Louisville could easily be the National Champion of the AP Poll and again we have a split Champion. Just one step closer to a playoff...


As a WVU student I'm compelled to say yes we lost, but it was 44-34.


RE: USC (6-1)

The best SC can realistically hope for at this point is the Rose Bowl.

Technically, I guess it's still possible that nearly every team in the Top 10 dumps a game, but that's almost what it would take for USC to climb back into the National Title picture.

RE: Florida (7-1)

They're a good team, but until they find a rushing attack (that actually involves a, you know, running back), they're primed for an upset. They could run the table, but I honestly don't expect it.

RE: Auburn (8-1)

Last couple of weeks, Auburn has flat out stunk on offense. They're going to need to actually score some points if they want to run the table. They're in the same boat as Florida, IMO. They could run the table, but I expect them to lose at least once more before bowl season.

RE: Tennessee (7-1)

They look solid all around, and their only loss was by one single point to Florida, but they have a very tough game tomorrow vs. LSU (5-2). I think they would have a shot to run the table, but I'll wait until they play LSU before I venture a guess. They also need Florida to lose again if they want a shot at the SEC title.

RE: Texas (8-1)

Very solid team from top to bottom, but I don't think Texas has the horses to beat any of the other elite teams this year (fire up tape of the Texas-Ohio State game in September to see what I mean). They'll likely finish the regular season 12-1, but I don't think they'll make it to the BCS title game. They're already behind multiple other one-loss teams in the BCS rankings.

RE: Ohio St. (9-0) /Michigan (9-0)

Simple. Winner goes to the BCS title game, loser goes to the Rose Bowl.

RE: WVU (8-1)/ Louisville (8-0)/ Rutgers (8-0)

If I had to guess, I'd say that Louisville will finish the season unbeaten and play in the BCS Title game. WVU is finished, and if Louisville or Rutgers loses a game, they'll join WVU in the scrap heap. If Rutgers finishes unbeaten, I think they'll be passed over in favor of another team for hte BCS title game. Life ain't fair.

My guesses at this point:

IF UL finishes unbeaten then: Ohio St./ Michigan winner VS. Lousiville.

IF UL loses then: Ohio St./ Michigan winner VS. Texas/ Florida/ Auburn/ Tennessee/ Arkansas (7-1)/ USC/ Cal (7-1)/ ND (7-1) survivor.

Games that will decide the matter:

(Auburn or Arkansas) VS. (Florida or Tennessee) -- SEC Title game

Ohio St. VS. Michigan



Louisville VS. Rutgers

West Virginia VS. Rutgers

Tennessee VS. Arkansas

Games already played that will matter:

USC beat Arkansas*^
Ohio St. beat Texas*^
Florida beat Tennessee*
Arkansas beat Auburn*^
Louisville beat West Virginia^
Michigan beat Notre Dame*^
Tennessee beat Cal^

*Game was won on the road
^Game was won by at least 17 points, except for UL, who beat WVU by 11.

In a nutshell, there's a TON of football left to be played, and if Louisville loses a game, all hell will break loose over who will face the OSU/UM winner in the BCS title game.

This is shaping up to the be the craziest and most exciting November in recent College Football history.


Gotcha. My mistake. Sorry about that.

Anyway, regardless of what happens, I think I agree with one of the prior posts that an instance in which there'd be a split champion would be best. I hate the BCS and can't wait for the day when a playoff is instituted.


Even though I am biased, please do go look at that tape. If our wr doesn't fumble on the goal line we score a TD and don't put them in position to score. Then the interception in the second half never happens, because we would have been running all day with the lead.

We had 175 rushing yards that day. But that is the past and Ohio St. won, I think with how much McCoy has improved the game would be much different in January.

Agree 100% It's one of the reasons why college football is my favorite sport.

Back to the original question: I don't think FLA or Aub can get into the game if UL wins out. They are close to being maxed out in the computer 3rd of the BCS. There is no room for them to move up in the 3 polls, unless there are some more upsets.


Tough loss last night.

Q: What do you call 32 West Virginians?

A: A full set of teeth.



At least you're from Michigan. Fuckin' Pennsylvanians rooting for Michigan. That's like God rooting for Satan...

Anyway, Michigan in the Championship game is a terrible scenario, because they suck. And honestly, if they win the National Championship game, thus causing their heads to get even bigger, their heads might just literally explode, and then you wouldn't have a football team. Wait a second... that scenario rules!


GO RUTGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louisvill belongs nowhere near a Nat'l title game.


I am tired of this UM vs OSU crap. You don't play a conference title game. What would a rematch prove? That you can beat a team you play every year? You know how to game-plan for each other. Let's see how you do against Florida or Louisville or Cal.

And stop with the talk about UL not having a chance against OSU. How do you know? This is why a hate the BCS. Everyone sits around and speculates about who can beat who. You'll never know unless they play...ie a playoff!
Picking only 2 teams does not represent the best of the best.
We don't how much separation there is between #1 and #3 or #7. That is what a playoff is for.

And for the record...OSU beat Texas, a great win, but hasn't played a good team since. Look at their schedule...Iowa turned out to be average as well as Penn State. They don't play Wisconsin. So don't give me any crap about Louisville or anyone else playing weak teams. I don't care how many points they score.

Sorry guys, I kind of flew off the handle there. I'll go take my medications now!


I personally can't stand the Wolverines but say they suck is dumb statement. I do have to say that I dont have much faith in Henne and I think Manningham makes him look better than he really is.


Why? How do you know that? Are you going to tell me what a powerhoise the Big 10 is? Look again...and yes, the big east is weak, so is the ACC, Big 12 and PAC 10(ok, the PAC 10 just sucks). Again, you can't compare unless the play!

Hey, in 1980, there was no way the US could compete against the Russians in hockey. There was no way Jim Valvano's Wolf pack could beat Houston. There was no way Tom Brady and the 14 point underdog Patriots could beat the Rams with Kurt Warner. The point is, you don't know unless they play it on the field...not in some computer poll!


My uncle went to michigan at a time when Penn State wasnt admitting certain folks.

So for us Michigan Football is a family legacy!!!!



I agree though that the championship should be handled thru a playoff.