What’s the deal with BCAA’s? I’ve read that it is ultra effective, but when it’s taken by capsules, the results might not be good, because we actually need larger doses. Should I spend my money on powder BCAA’s, or forget about this supplement? Gus.

I wouldnt waste my money on them, they are not cheap in the amounts you need to take. And who needs them now with Surge available.

I use Advanced Genetics Glutacene post work out. I combine it with whey protein and 2 tablespoons of honey. I do feel BCAA’s are worth taking post work out. You can try that or try Surge.

if they do infact work, capsules work as well as powder, you just need to pop a motherload of pills.

Make sure you have a sound nutrition program and a high quality protein powder. Then supplement with a complete BCAA supplement. As Dan Duchaine once said: Certain BCAA at the optimal dosages can have drug like affects.

Gus: I can share with you the theory (that appears to have some validity).

L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine are three essential amino acids (the body cannot produce them; they have to be provided in our food).

One thing that makes them unique is that they are metabolized directly in the muscle, not the liver. As a result, weight training dramatically increases BCAA uptake, creating a higher demand for them. And, since BCAA’s are essential amino acids, which can not be made within the body, they must be supplied through foods or supplementation.

So what? ANY SURPLUS WE SUPPLY CAN BE UTILIZED FOR MUSCLE BUILDING INSTEAD FOR ENERGY FOR MUSCULAR CONTRACTION AND FUNCTION. So you can see the Godfather's wisdom in taking a workout drink that contains Glutamine (also lost during exercise), carbs, and BCAA's.

With powder you probably get more “bang for your bucks”. Should you use it? Opinions are strong and varied. Myself? I’m currently looking into a Glutamine/BCAA combination supplement that looks promising. Hope this helps.

Dr. Richard Kreider, Director of the Excercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory at the University of Memphis presented a research study at the annual National Strength and Conditioning Association meeting. The research showed honey increased recuperation after workouts better than protein/maltodextrin and sugar groups.

In the study only the protein with honey group maintained optimal blood sugar levels throughout the two hours following the workout. They also showed favourable changes in a hormone ratio that indicates a positive muscle recuperative state.

Dr. Kreider said, "In addition to promoting muscle recuperation and glycogen restoration, honey-protein combinations also seem well suited to sustain favourable blood sugar concentrations after training."

Might be wise to add honey to your post workout drink.

I have been using the glutacene (combo bcaa and glutamene) with great reasults!! It is the one Dr. Serrano recomends and I can honestly say it works.

Tony: That’s the one I’m looking into. Any thoughts anyone else had would be great!

i would go for glutacene but its a bit pricey- 1000g = $100. I found a glutacene knock off at nutripeak, by universal nutrition which for it, 1000g= $80

What about some bcaa and gln from the protein factory? they are relatively inexpensive. i get alex to mix me up a batch of 50% malto, 50% dextrose, bcaa, gln, and some orange flavoring. it’s a great workout drink and cheaper than anything else out there. no only if he would throw me some free stuff for this recommendation…alex, are you out there? :wink:

Okay. I may conclude that BCAA’s are important post-workout, but must be taken in adequate dosages which is only supplied by powder form. I am sure I can find BCAA Stack, form Universal Nutrition. I know that glutamine and protein are also essencial after working out, but I think honey should not be used while you are trying to get cut, just as Surge, which contains lots of simple carbs.

So my suggestion is to use simple carbs right after working out just when the main goal is to get big, bulking phase, for example. Right now, my objective is to cut ut, so I am not taking more than 20g of simple cars after training.

Thanks for the replies.

Gus- Surge works great, even in a cutting stage. As long it’s taken post-workout only, you won’t gain an ounce of fat from it. Those carbs and insulin response are exactly what you need after weight training. Your body will, essentially, utilize everything.

john B., way back when i bought a lb of BCAAs from Protein Factory. The problem is their incredible bitterness… someone suggested mixing country time lemonade, which i have yet to do…

John, what percentage do you use for the BCAAs and gln in the workout drink? I think I may try it as I already have a 50/50 malto/dextrose mix at home, about 20 lbs. worth from the protein factory. Thanks in advance.

I like to get 5g of BCAA and 5g of GLN in each 30-40g carbs. I also throw in a scoop of Power Drive. The ratios are not real scientific or anything, I just try to balance cost vs efficacy and came up with this combo.

I have great success using Surge, after wourkouts only, while on a zero carb diet. I’ve lost as much as I do with out the Surge and feel better.

Hi. Right now, the question involves the whole post-workout meal, and I am still not sure about the simple carb intake. I’ve read many articles in this site promoting Surge’s formula, and it does make a lot of sense to me. But I’ve talked to national competitors, and I’ve also seen Flex Wheeler’s post-workout meal before the Olympia, and he was eating white rice, turkey and olives. While the rice rises insulin levels quick, it is not sugar. Also FLEX mag when talks about low-carb diets, they tell us to eat more complex carbs, never overeating sugars. Look, I know that simple carbs are very important after training, but I may argue that it should be reduced drastically when you’re trying to loose weight. What’s up? Gus.

Keep in mind that whey protein is quite high in bcaa’s so you probably don’t need to buy isolated bcaa’s if you have a good quality whey protein powder

Firstly Gus forget what the pros do don’t fall into the “he’s big i’ll copy him” mentality (although white rice and turkey is not that bad post workout)…also your post workout meal should be the same even when you’re cutting. Think about it…even when dieting you still want to maximize recovery and stop post workout catabolism as fast as possible right?