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Zev: Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts! Your
right: The “optimal” ratio of 2:1:1 for BCAA’s
has long been the standard. Have used BCAA products
with a 2:1:1 ratio for quite some time until switching
over to the “PF” brand 7 months ago. I, too, was
leery of their 6:3:1 formula at first, but haven’t
noticed any decline in performance or body-comp
since switching.

On another note: I love the freedom that bulk powder
BCAA’s gives me over flavored mixes. I like to
add it to my protein drinks. Not everything tastes
good with that “funky” grape flavoring added
to it! Besides, I don’t always want all that aspartame -
all the time!

Zev, I will take a look at the product you mentioned (Optimum
BACC’s) over at DPS. I like dealing with them and order all my
Biotest stuff from DPS - usually get a next day delivery. (Still
have 3-1/2 pounds of “PF” BCAA’s left, though.)