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BCAA's With or Without Food?

I’m entering a fat loss phase soon, and I will be doing BCAA feedings between meals outside of my workouts. Do I need to take food with them or will I still benefit without any food?

take it between meals.

So no food needed then? Just BCAA’s?

[quote]tw0scoops2 wrote:
So no food needed then? Just BCAA’s?[/quote]


I’ve heard that its actually good to take something with a little bit of carbs in it with BCAAs, like a yogurt or dark chocolate - I’m talking 85% cocoa, not a snickers. I’m not sure if it was Dave Barr or not, but your body uses them better with a little something else to digest with. Sorry a little lacking on the science side, but just thought I would confuse you and give you an alternate view.