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BCAA's With Meals?


I'm sold on the benefits of BCAA's, but like others, would like to maximize their use.

I've read that BCAA's clear the blood of other amino acids - which is a good thing - because its pulling them in to build muscle.

So, based on this, wouldn't it make more sense to take BCAA's with meals (protein) instead of between meals? That way when you ingest the most protein you also have more BCAAs to put them to work. Or am I missing something?


That sounds plausible however, I can't give an educated answer to that. I will say this I take BCAA's at both times sometimes between meals and sometimes with food. I have my bottle close at hand at work and pop em whenever it comes to mind besides the standards of waking, bedtime, before and after workouts.



Taking BCAAs with your meal would slow the absorption of the BCAAs. You'd be better off taking them around 30 mins before your meal.


Sound reasoning.

This is usually not a major concern however, because we should still have other amino acids available from our last meal. If you don't, then you're protein fasted, and that's bad.