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BCAAs - While Cutting?

Hi all,

I usually go for a meal about 1.5 hours before my workouts that includes protein and some carbs. I then smack down a protein shake with around 40 grams of protein, some creatine, and some glutamine. Does anyone think it’s a good idea to take some BCAAs before my workouts or in my PWO?

I have seen the debate that goes something like “BCAAs are not necessary since they are contained in whey”. After reading the debate, I’m still confused.

I was thinking BCAA’s have leucine in them, so if Biotest thinks leucine is anabolic, perhaps they can make a PWO much more anabolic, but I’m not sure, maybe there’s enough leucine in 40 grams of whey and there’s no need for much more (I’m 180 lbs, 17-18% body fat now, in case that’s a factor).

Also, I also figure whey has tryptophan and some other aminos, and I wondered if taking whey pre-workout may result in some pre-mature fatigue.

Anyway, I’m really confused and very interested at the same time. Does anyone have any thoughts from their own experiences? Should I just get a tub of BCAAs and try this out in my PWO? or take it during my workout or something like people do with Xtend?

Thanks in advance guys.

I recommend that you read up on protein and amino acids.

Proteins are made of amino acids. Complete proteins, like those found in dairy and meat products contain all of the essential amino acids including the 3 branched chain amino acids.

BCAA can be effective when you’re limiting your overall caloric, and protein intake, but people tend to see less with them while they are consuming ample protein.

I have become a big believer in L-Leucine, although there’s no reason to use L-Leucine when consuming 40 grams of whey. Save it for use with meals or snacks, or when you’re consuming 20 grams or less of whey protein at a time.

As for tryptophan, you won’t get fatigued or tired from consuming protein that contain it. Individual amino acids typically only illicit unique properties like this when taken alone in very high dosages.

As for workout nutrition, I’ve started using Surge Workout Fuel before and during training and am pretty surprised by how well it works. I’ve been using Surge Recovery after training for a few years now and am sold on it as well.