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BCAA's: When and How Many?

I’ve been taking BCAA’s but I’m not really sure as to when exactly I should take them or how many to take per day. Any advice is helpful, thanks.

a search yielded this…

Thanks I’ll be sure to search next time before I post. However, it still seems mostly a matter of personal preference/opinion when it comes to the amount of pills that should be taken.

I take a handfull, six to eight, upon waking, before bed, and before and after weight training. Works good for me.


20-30g peri-workout with some waxy maize or dextrose is my cup o tea :wink:


last summer I was on a BCAA kick. ordered 6 bottles of Bev. Intl. mass aminos and muscularity BCAA. for several weeks I took 8-12 tabs 4-7 a day. with food. wthout food etc. worked great. but I think to see a noticeable differance. the more you take the more likely you’ll see a differance.

10g each time, 4 pills (2.2 grms each) am, pm, pre, post workout = 16 pills a day.

i eat a ton of solid food each day my bcaa theory is is kind of like throwing a bunch of shit against the wall; the more you throw, the higher likelihood that some shit might stick to the metaphorical wall, e.g creating an environment better suited for strength, growth, and recovery.

I ingest about 40grams of BCAA/EAA. Powder form, 20 grams sipped throught the entire day, 20 grams pre, intra, post workout. Been going good so far.

Sounds good, thanks all.