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BCAAs: What to Look for?

About to invest in some BCAAs to try to take my gains up a notch. I’d love suggestions on what to look for and brand recommendations.
Currently I run a 4 day a week routine and my main goal is fat loss and just general muscle gain. I was 335 lbs down to 285 with a goal of 250.
Thanks in advance.

I would look for a Biotest logo.

Nice job so far!

Apart from Plazma and mag-10???

Biotest anything.

Yeah if want pills go with biotest. If want drink this is popular witha lot of big guys round here…

Biotest is powder.

Blanks lag 20…

BCAA’s is large useless unless your training in a fasted state. But if you’ve already made up your mind about it, I would recommend going for taste.

I think these days, as long as you’re buying from a company you’ve heard of, most things are pretty much the same. Obviously any powder based product that dissolves poorly in water is gonna suck (chew on that,… literally), but taste is huge, and of course if you’re like most people you don’t want a product that has tons of added sugar in it. Most BCAAs products I’ve seen contain ~5 calories total, so unless you get suckered into buying something crazy by the local 19 year old GNC “expert” behind the counter, you shouldn’t really have to worry.

I usually buy one particular BCAA product for my wife that she likes, and on a few occasions I’ve actually just mixed some up for myself just as a beverage when we didn’t have anything else to drink in the house (#meathead problems).


I know the debate rages on but some important figures, e.g. Layne Norton, Charles Poliquin and Tim Ziegenfuss, have all spoken about the advantages of BCAA. Ziegenfuss recently recommended adding 5-10g BCAAs to peri-WO shakes (even if it is a hydro product). Given this can be picked up very cheaply these days I think it worth adding to a supplement regime. I picked up 4/1/1 ratio from a very popular UK firm at a knock down price so it was a no brainer.

I mix in 10g of BCAA’s in every liter of water I drink during the day (around 4)…easy way to get extra nutrients as the Biotest brand is basically tasteless and mixes 100% into water. I give it a couple drops of flavoring as I do most of my water.

That’s 40g of BCAAs per day! If anabolic effects are as touted, you should experience them. Have you noticed anything in particular with that protocol?

where did Ziegenfuss mention this?

Tough to tell.

I take Mag-10, Plazma, BCAA’s, Creatine Malate, Micro-PA, Superfood and Alpha Male, so it’s just part of the stack…I am constantly drinking water, so I figured that I would make the most of it.

Cannot hurt as they say.

Fair enough – I’d struggle to isolate the effects of a single one of my supplements too.

As one of the older members who recalls that time Lama posted up a pic, I will note that he’s a pretty big dude.
(and has a pretty nice bathroom at work too -lol)


You gotta have some perks living in Utah my man.

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During a product review in Muscle and Fitness September 2014 (I think).

I really like Intra-md for my aminos and carbs. They make two versions one with carbs and one without. Both are great as far as I’m concerned.