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BCAA's vs. Whey Protein

Sorry if someone has already covered this, but I’ve been wondering lately-
what is the advantage of taking straight BCAA’s over whey protein?

Isn’t whey protein supposed to be super-high in BCAA’s anyway?

I guess I could see if you’re restricting calories that closely that you have to shave off the caloric value of all the other aminos found in whey protein. But is it really that big of a difference?

BCAA’s are good for in between meals and prevent muscle breakdown and promote protein synthesis, however, there must be proteins present for any building to occur, otherwise they only help in preventing breakdown. If you’re talking about middle of the night, take some bcaa’s w/ casein protein to stay anabolic.

Fighter, supplementing with BCAA’s is like a third layer of muscle building or retention protection after whole food and then whey shakes. I believe I have recently read you are getting ready for a contest? If so in your case supplementing with BCAA’s will help you to retain as much muscle as possible while in a calorie cutting or depleted state.

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