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BCAAs vs Proteins


This may sound like a stupid question but what exactly is the difference between taking BCAAS and a protein e.g. whey isolate, whey concentrate, hydrolyzed casein etc

I want to know if the money I am spending on Peptopro (hydrolyzed caseinate) and Surge Workout Fuel for my peri workout protocol would be just as well spent on a good BCAA product e.g. Optimum Nutrition's Essential amino energy

I know that that product by itself isn't really comparable to Surge and pepto but I am mostly just curious about the difference between BCAA's and proteins



Name the 3 branched chain amino acids. Then name all of the amino acids in whey protein.

The difference is 17.


The difference is that with a BCAA product you will get a greater amount of just the BCAAs per serving... with protein you will get a much larger total dose of amino acids, but the amount of BCAAs per serving will be smaller.
It's all about which you care more about.


Peptopro is a great product, def on the expensive side, I'd get the protein and bcaa's


Not necessarily true, my brand of whey contains more of the 3 essential AA's per serving than a serving of BCAAs.


Yeah I believe my hydro whey has 8.8g of bcaas per scoop where as a lot of the popular powder bcaas have less than that


bonez what supps you on anywho?


belgium waffles


Fair enough, I guess it depends on what brand you buy. Most of the whey supps I've ever encountered didn't have very large amounts of BCAA per serving, but then I always spring for more affordable stuff anyway.


Got it. Thank you. Time to read up on amino acids.


BCAAs are largely responsible for triggering protein synthesis, and are thought to halt catabolism. True, they are present in dairy and animal proteins in large amounts, but they need to be digested before they can be used by the body.

Free-form BCAAs do not have to be digested, and so are thought to hit the bloodstream before those bound to other aminos in whole proteins.