BCAAs vs Micellar Casein at Night


My current goals are aimed at reducing my bodyfat % and to retain as much of the muscle in the process.

So I am looking at a way of keeping a positive nitrogen balance while sleeping. BCAAs and Micellar Casein powder are the options available to me to do this.

I can’t afford both, so which ones would you choose and why?


I think Micellar Casein. It will stay with you much longer and be better for preventing nightime catobolism.

Maybe both? I can see both sides of the argument, however BCAAs seem like a decent idea to me as there isnt actually any calorific value (or a negligible one) compared to an actual shake.


I weigh 102Kgs and the micellar protein shake dosage is standard at 45grams, do you think that will be enough to sustain me for the 7 hours they claim?

The micellar shake says 160 Calories per 45g serving.

225lbs, I’d have 2 scoops.

What brand are you using? USN?

Damnit I remember how much I used to pay for Biotest supps in SA, it was ridiculous.

Do you mean 2 servings? (The 45grams is 3 scoops = 1 serving)

I’m using the Reflex Brand. Reflex Nutrition

I don’t think USN makes a pure micellar casein product. You are so right about the Biotest products being very expensive, I paid R500 for 1 bottle of HOT-ROX Extreme!

How many grams of casein in the 45g serving? I’d shoot for 40g of actual casein, not just powder weight.

I used to pay the same for HRX, I paid R550 for Alpha Male ($80!), and R240 for Grow! when it was still called that.

The label says 80% Micellar Casein, 20% Whey Protein… so that would be 36grams MC in a 45gram serving.

I have done both in the past, and in my experience from BCAAS I got a ton of weight loss each night, and noticably leaner almost every morning, but lost a lot of muscle mass, still.

When using Micellar at about 40 to 45 gs of protein, I didn’t notice the rapid weight loss as much, but I did lean out slowly and seemed to retain more fullness.

So I’m at 220 from 225 now, leaning out a and trying both. 20-25 grams of actual protein an hour after zma, as I put my head on the pillow, and then 5 grams of BCAAS in the bathroom by the sink so when I wake up, inevitably, to relieve myself I take them in middle of the night. This is working like a charm. Good balance of fullness and leanness. And then 5 gs of BCAAs immediately upon waking. This regime is running about 50 dollars for six weeks worth of supps. Message me if you need any details or have questions.


I would have the casein shake pre bed. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night, pop some BCAA’s and go back to sleep.

If you main goal is BF reduction, I would go with BCAA’s. For no other reason than you are likely in a hypocaloric state, so the BCAA’s will be of greater importance to you.

Why would the BCAA’s increase BF reduction, is that because it doesnt have the additional calories as the shake or because its a “better” form or quality of amino acid?

To my understanding, BCCA’s main feature is preserving muscle mass - so while sleeping you can have them keeping you anabolic without the extra calories.

Ideally, a bit of both would probably be my choice.

Personally, I’d invest in some BCAAs and get your casein from cottage cheese. I find that BCAAs are the primary contributor to me making progress on a fatloss diet. Despite only taking in ~2400 cals a day, I’m still making significant progress on all my lifts weekly. It’s also the best progress I’ve made in a long time.

[quote]rsg wrote:
To my understanding, BCCA’s main feature is preserving muscle mass - so while sleeping you can have them keeping you anabolic without the extra calories.[/quote]

Exactly… BCAA’s don’t increase BF reduction, they do this.

Micellar Casein contains BCAAs. BCAA means isoleucine, leucine and valine. These are all essential amino acids. IOW, any complete source of protein (egg, meat, dairy, soy) contains these. Micellar casein is a dairy product, a complete protein. You are getting these from micellar casein.

Also, how are people drawing the conclusion of anything other than casein before bed? Going 8 hours w/o food is bad, and that is your foremost problem to address w/ bedtime nutrition. Casein minimizes this by digesting nice and slow. Take your Metabolic Drive before bed. BCAAs digest very fast and aren’t doing you any favors with your 8 hour fast.

Exactly what I was thinking… its the timed release of the micellar casein that offers the positive nitrogen retention benefit while sleeping. How long does a dose of BCAA’s stay in your system?

I normally take 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive before bed. When I’m dieting though, I take 1, but throw in a handful of BCAAs.


I’m on Jerkwad on this one. Your system will go through the BCAAs in no time and leave you starving comes morning.