BCAAs Taste Horrible

Naked seems to have some great stuff but their BCAAs taste like butthole!

Wow, I just had to point this out. I am covering up the taste in cereal or any other flavor I can find! >.< Captain Crunch is my captain!

Don’t be a little bitch. Mix in a little water with raw BCAA = sludge. Eat. Profit. 100% gains


Then buy a milkshake.

(Joking, but not really joking, :wink: )

Unflavoured best flavour.

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Ah, you must know what being a little bitch is like. :wink:

On a more serious note, What do you mean when you say it is sludge? I have smelt other bcaa supplements and they smell nothing like this stuff!

HAHA! It actually tastes like a locker room smells… LOL I’ll figure it out. I just wanted to share that it smells worse than anything i’ve ever tried when it comes to supplements.

LOL! I guess? XD

My mate bought some unflavoured BCAA. Tried it once then dumped the whole bag.

For flavor comparison, try Plazma without adding flavoring.

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Try Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy. They taste great and have caffeine in them for a boost. I drink 2 scoops in ice water during my workout.

I only take Plazma and Mag-10 unflavored. I like it. Personally I put 40 grams of the Biotest BCAA Structured Peptides in a liter of water and drink it straight. I used to drink milk but don’t anymore, but the BCAA Structured Peptides in water tastes like milk to me. For the most part it is fat free, carb free milk.

It’s amazing what you can get a human to do by telling them it will get an outcome they desire. If my dog doesn’t like the smell of something, he quickly moves on - he does eat his own vomit and shit mind you.

Sludge usually more for protein powders. You add milk or water and whatever other ingredients you fancy until it’s the right consistency and literally eat it like porridge vs drinking it in a shake.

Would be cool to see a 1kg Unflavored BCAA Sludge without Hurling Challenge.

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just dont take BCAA


Taste problem solved.

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