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BCAA's Replacing Meals?


I am starting up work over the summer, but my job does not allow for time to eat a meal after breakfast or after lunch. I get one hour off, and its outside so i cant just sit at a desk and eat a prepared meal out of a cooler.

With that in mind, can i just take a serving of BCAAs at those times to replace the mid morning and mid afternoon meal? I can just stick em in my cargo pocket and grab some water and down the tablets.

Also, I plan on doing a morning run/swim before my job. Should i eat something small, like a piece of toast with peanut butter before, then swim/run, or eat it after, or both. I have heard alot about how fasted cardio is bad, but some people say its better for fat loss.

And finally, if I take something like HOT-ROX before my morning cardio, when should it be?


Yeah you can do that, or have a protein shake to slam down when you have a spare minute or two.

Since the job sounds like some kind of manual labor, hold off on the cardio and see how your body reacts to hours of work you're putting in before adding cardio. As for eating before or after, that's something you can play with since people get results either way. No sense in telling you to eat beforehand (or vice versa) if you can get results the other way and not feel like ass in the process.

Take it when you first wake, then do what you gotta do.


yea I work at a plant nursery, specializing in trees and bushes and mulch. so I do get a pretty good workout just loading trucks and general tasks. I can see how if i smoke myself before work I would be dragging during the day.

I do plan on drinking my gallon of water a day on the job, and i hear that sea salt is good to put in if your sweating alot. Any thoughts?


Fasted Cardio (mornings before eating) and HRX are amazing if you are planning to cut weight. Since you didn't list that; are you planning to cut down? If so, go for it. But I agree with the 2nd poster about waiting to see how your body adapts to work...

Eat a LARGE breakfast and lunch if you don't have time to eat between. Don't talk to anyone at lunch (lol, jk); just eat!

Protien shaker with the powder already in it is super quick way to take in 250-350kcals.


yes i am trying to cut bodyfat. Trying to get down from 210 to 190, which is my usual weight, but with a busy schedule with school maintaining my diet has been troublesome. It doesn't help that theres a BK less than 100 yards from my door, open until 4 am...Temptation's a bitch!


Better than nothing I guess, but not even close to ideal. You can't even munch down a Metabolic Drive bar or chug a shake? That would be the route to go.


Your body needs calories more than calorie-free BCAA's to function. Stick a bag of peanuts in your pocket, eating those are just as easy as taking a bunch of pills.


pretty sure protein is not calorie free.


If you are goint to just stack something in your pockest for ease of use... make it something worthwile.

Almonds, high fiber, great type of fat, good protein.

Or if you really want to just chug tablets, get some liver tablents instead. At least you will get some excellent calories.

But almonds or other nuts (although almonds are far and away the best) is the healthiest option.

50 almonds = 6 grams of fiber, 12 grams protein, 30 grams of fat (GOOD fat) and 10 grams of carbs.

NOTE: Peanuts are not a nut they are a legume :wink:




Why are they a pea-nut then?



pretty sure the topic creators question was concerning BCAA's not protein.


Biotest's BCAA's are 1 gram of protein per tablet, so you'd have to take 30-50 to replace the calories in a meal. I don't know about you but I don't like BCAA's THAT much to use them as meal replacement.


Maybe i am missing something, but I am staring at Biotest's BCAA formula and do not see any calories or protein....


BCAAs are not a good meal replacement. They are a supplement to your diet.

Buy a box of Metabolic Drive protein bars. Problem solved.


Yes, you are missing something. amino acids are protein.


no, amino acids are not protein. Amino acids are pieces of protein. BCAAs are leucine, isoleucine and valine, thats it. These 3 alone do not make a complete protein and they have 0 calories.


No, I think YOU are missing something.

There are 20 amino acids in protein. Which leaves the "protein" in Biotest's BCAA's 17 short.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Amino's are linked together and called peptides. It's the various linking of peptides that form a protein.


I'm not sure whether they are technically considered calories. But, they do affect the body in a way that calories were consumed.


Well, we're on the verge of arguing semantics here, but branched chain amino acids can be degraded into Acetyl CoA and Succinyl CoA/Propionyl CoA, which can be used to produce ketones and glucose, respectively. They supply calories.