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BCAA's Rendered Unuseable?


I've read that unless BCAA's (or the capsule they're in) are pH altered about 1/5 of them will go into the bloodstream and the other 4/5 will be "caught" by the digestive system (it might have been the liver specifically) and excreted. Has anyone heard anything about this?


No, but it reminds me of that bogus Kre-Alkalyn marketing that has hit Austria as of late.


Where might you have read this information?


LOL well we better start altering the PH of our foods as well. Get some Beef_EE. Kre-Milkalean, Methyl-Chicken, as to make them useful LOL



haha thats hilarious. It seems like there is always some new magical study that comes out to completely disprove everything we know about nutrition and training. This guy I know in my graduate program constantly comes up with this shit.

EVERYTIME i go to class a little early, the older milf-soon-to-be-teachers compliment me, etc, and this guy always goes, "you know man, too much creatine will (fill in the blank bullshit)." "Too much protein and youre gonna get kidney stones." "Are you drinking enough water?" (while im fuckin holding a gallon jug). Ridiculous. Its as if he is jealous so hes trying to undercut me any way he can.


I found the info in the descriptions of Animal Nitro and a Scifit BCAA
From the description of Animal Nitro:

"Here's how it works. Each pack consists of a measured 6,000mg dose of uncoupled aminos (HMPC). Once ingested, they form a special bolus (a protective "mass") that allows them to efficiently bypass the liver. Now this is vital as the liver captures and catabolizes regular amino acids (like those found in protein powders such as whey and more conventional amino supplements) to urea, a waste product.

Once safely past the liver, this bolus of uncoupled aminos enters systemic circulation, where they can exert their powerful pharmacological actions-vasodilatation and anabolism. When combined with resistance training, Animal Nitro can actually help your body deliver more nutrients to your working muscles, recover more quickly, and build new muscle mass by enhancing protein synthesis, improving net muscle protein balance, and preventing muscle breakdown."

From Scifit:

The difference with Sci-Fit is our proprietary pH altered delivery system. By enhancing our supplements to an alkaline state it allows them to bypass through the digestive system and go directly into the blood stream. The end result is the modern athlete has to take far less product to get the same results. In fact, It only takes two Sci-Fit BCAA AKG 1000 soft gels to get the same results as 5 grams of regular BCAA powder.


It obviously is pretty much irrelevant when it comes to creatine, so I doubt it would be much different with BCAA caps.


Take BCAA and creatine intravenously. Some guys do BCAA enemas. This bypasses the stomach and liver. I like to smoke my BCAA's 5 grams pre workout 10 during and after. We keep a BCAA hookah by the squat rack.


I like effervescent eggs. lol


In order for the liver to process a substance that substance must be in the blood stream. The digestive tract does not connect to the liver. I could be missing something, but this doesn't make sense to me.