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BCAA's Questions

I’ve been reading a lot about Branched Chain aminos and Leucine and have just now starting taking them. It seems to make a difference.

I wanted to start taking these because a) it is cheaper, i.e. I’m not so dependent on gobs of protein and b) I’m lactose intolerant so it’s a pain to always have lactaid or buy expensive lactose-free protein and c) I like to experiment.

So here’s my questions:

  1. How much do you take and how often?
  2. When do you take it, i.e before and/or after workout or throughout the day?
  3. Do you think BCAAs/Leucine have worked for you?

I appreciate any info and/or insights…

You may have read my comments in the other BCAA’s threads, but here it is again. I take them first thing in the morning with Flameout, I then take them before, during, and after with Surge, working out. I take them about every three hours after that and then again with my Flameout before going to bed.

Have they worked? Well my workouts have had continued progress and I am getting stronger with added muscle and dropping fat. Now of course this is combined as I always state good food nutrition, rest, and other supplementation.

I don’t have medical data to show, but I believe by fortifying a diet already high in nutrients with BCAA’s that they increase muscle endurance, repair capability, and growth.

Now you will have some jump on here and rail on about throwing your money away, but I bet most guys who have made gains over the years would agree that if you have all other bases covered they are a great addition. I would like to see a lot of the guys who have negative comments to make about them what kind of lifts they have or gains they have made.


Thx for the info.

What I’ve read - and this is kind of where I was hoping the thread would go - is

  1. How essential are they to the 35+ crowd?

I feel like they’ve made a very significant difference.

And the reason I ask is that I have read that a number of studies are saying that the majority of hypertrophy benefits from protein come from the leucine/BCAA’s anyway.