BCAA's Past Their Use By Date?

Ok folks probably a stupid question,but a friend gave me a big tub of BCAA's cause he cant be assed to train anymore.I just noticed the use by is the 7/7/2007. as i didnt pay for it i have no problem binning it,im just curious any one knowledgeable enough to say wether it would be harmful or just a waste of time to use it.seams a shame is all to toss it out if it may still be usable.

I’d still use the shit outta them. I have no science to show you they’d be useful, I’m just saying when I was a college student I tested the expiration dates of all kinds of shit, and BCAA’s would be no different.

And I think we need an official BCAA thread or something. Just today I’ve read at least 5 threads on BCAA’s.