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BCAAs or EAAs During Training?

Hey Paul, curious for my age group late forties early fifties, taking bcaa’s or eaa’s with a fast digesting carb source during training? In your opinion would there be any benefit? or just stick to having a post workout shake packed full of goodies. I guess what I’m asking would I be wasting money? I’d be interested to see what people take if anything at all.
Cheers peeps!

Depending on if you’re training fed or fasted, or generally haven’t eaten for a while before training.

If you’ve had a meal at 25 pro, 30 carb, 10-15 fat 90 minutes before training you probably don’t need it. If you like to train in a more fasted or slightly hungry state then I suggest going with EAA and cyclic dextrin. What you’d find in Plazma.

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I’m in the gym 30 minutes after waking up, I have some cold-brewed coffee before I go (it’s a five minute bike-ride) and I’ll down half of the following during my warm-up sets,

  • 40-80g cyclic dextrin depending on the workout
  • 40g whey isolate
  • 5g leucine
  • creatine
  • sea salt

And then after a shower, and getting to the office, plenty of rice and chicken. I’ve long wondered if this is too much protein to be digesting at that time but it seems to be working okay. Does the above seem (un)reasonable to you?

I think the magic trigger is around 3g leucine with the other EAAs available. Most whey is around 10% leucine. So with the added leucine your at around 9g.

You could probably get away with 25g whey with 3g or so added leucine if your eating a whole meal post workout. If your meal is a few hours later I think 40g is fine.

I do 20g EAA on mornings I train at 6am, then whole food about an hour post lifting.

But idk. I think it’s splitting hairs, as long as you have AAs available in the bloodstream it’s good

Notice any performance difference with your eaa ?

I think they help quite a bit if the other option is purely fasted training.

Also, I’m a nurse so often I miss meals, so if I lift after work my last meal was 2-3 hours prior so definitely a benefit.

Now if my life wasn’t chaos, and I could eat a mixed meal 1 hour prior I don’t think they would help all that much

Due to my job I too train semi fasted so that’s why I asked. I just can’t eat before training. If I do I would have to train atleast 3 hours later.