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BCAA's or Carbolin 19?

Im thinking of getting Biotest BCAA's or Carbolin 19, im starting up a new diet to put on mass this coming monday and i want to go from 160 to 180-185, any suggestions?

Would there be a reason for you not to get both?

would that be good?

They act on different areas. And Yes it would be good.

Carbolin 19
Users will gain pounds of muscle, alright, but it will be built consistently over the year, a few ounces at a time �?? while losing body fat.

  1. The overall concept of bridging is to progressively shift body composition toward muscular leanness. Again, this means you might not see an immediate increase in total body weight, but over time, you will see a significant difference in the way you look and in your response to training.

Carbolin 19 helps support the natural production of testosterone.

�?� Increases muscular pump
�?� Elevates mood
�?� Increases rate of muscle gains
�?� Increases rate of strength gains
�?� Decreases fat mass while gaining muscle

Initially, users should not necessarily expect much if any gain in overall body weight. What occurs is a shift in body composition toward lean mass. In other words, if you’re losing fat while gaining muscle, you might have a net-zero increase in body weight, but a dramatic shift in favor of lean-body composition.


�?� BCAA promote protein synthesis in muscle.

�?� BCAA taken during training have been shown to increase both growth hormone and insulin, thus increasing anabolism and anti-catabolism.

�?� BCAA, unlike other amino acids, are used to provide energy.

�?� A 1992 Italian study showed that BCAA taken prior to a workout not only prevented a decrease in post-workout Testosterone levels, but caused it to increase.

�?� BCAA have been shown to decrease post-workout soreness.

�?� BCAA, according to a 1997 Italian study published in Medicina Dello Sport, when taken 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after a workout, were shown to increase lean body mass and improve strength in the bench press and squat.

�?� BCAA have been shown to increase exercise endurance, especially exercise conducted in high temperatures.

�?� As little as 4 grams of BCAA can kick start the body from a catabolic state to an anabolic state.

So yeah, they would compliment each other well.