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BCAA's or Aminos... Steroid Like?


So anyone yet taking these Biotest BCAAs or another company's aminos, following perhaps CT's BCAA protocol, and seeing amazing muscle gains? theres talk in another thread about stallone using an amino acid during training for rambo 3 and it giving him steroid like gains...so who has personally experienced anything like this?

fact, or BULLSHIT?


It's about as "steroid-like" as food is.


I can't wait to see the responses to this one.




We didn't land on the moon either.


i hear 20-40 grams BCAA a day can give you amazing gains (and an empty wallet).



I myself wouldn't compare it to using steroids, but rather look at it as one more tool in the arsenal to stay anabolic and keep those muscles growing.

If you have everything nailed down as far as an effective lifting program, rest, and nutrition, then anything else in supplementation is taking these areas to another level.

BCAA's main purpose is to buttress keeping amino acids flowing in your body during intense training and at other times throughout the day.

Look at it this way if you go into the gym and annihilate your chest muscles causing micro tears in the muscle fiber and then go all day without eating you are going to be in a very catabolic (muscle wasting) state. You aren't giving your muscles any nutrients and building blocks to repair the damage done to them.

Protein, carbs, and fats, are the nutrients needed to facilitate repair and growth. BCAA's are the building blocks of protein essential amino acids that your body must get from the food you eat are from supplementation.

BCAA's taken around training and through the day provided all other bases are covered will ensure one staying anabolic (muscles growing) and ward off being catabolic (muscle wasting).

If one was a natural lifter they would be a benefit and could increase muscle gain as well as if one were on steroids. Remember, any one who lifts with the goal of gaining muscle= bodybuilding and getting significantly bigger and stronger wants to have every tool available to help one achieve this.

BCAA's are another powerful tool to be used synergistically with your whole nutritional plan to achieve this .



i think Biotest, and all of its knowledge, needs to sit down with the steroid/pro hormone ban legislation, and their scientists...and a bunch of other information, and figure something out that will just make muscle jump onto our frames. at the same time, this product should eliminate any need for PCT and such.

and whats up with Anaconda? did someone make that up? i mean seriously, how long have we been waiting for that? wasnt it just around the corner when they mentioned it? in that time, id say weve been around several corners, but ive seen no Anaconda.


Before we hammer him away, mmaybe he should describe what constitue drug like gains.


Depends on the steroid and dosage used.

Obviously BCAAs are not going to put 10 to 20 lbs on you in a couple of weeks, but I have seen dramatic gains (fat reduction, increased muscularity and improved recovery) since going to a higher-dosage protocol. This is similar to what one might expect from a low dose steroid cycle designed for athletes and not BBs.


Steroids where originally used by bodybuilders with more of an intent to preserve the muscle they built while getting into contest shape, or at least I've heard it that way. Now a day physiques are generally built off aas. That in mind amino/bcaa's might work similar (althought not as well at all) to something like a low dose of primo or anavar in terms of letting the user experiance some pump or even in a good pump and increased vascularity, muscularity. ect. I think there is some truth in it personally.


I agree that BCAA's have lots of merits, but in the original interview Stallone claimed that he used no steroids ever, but rather a secret amino acid that was a hundred times more powerful than regular amino acids. Basically, he was feeding the reporter some bullshit.


Here's what the OP was talking about:

From www.sylvesterstallone.com in the "exercise and nutrtion section" chapter 3 where he was doing an online interview:

Q: So did you ever use steroids to build yourself up?

A: In 1987, when I was making Rambo III, I used to take an amino acid that's nearly as strong as steroids. It's about 15 times more powerful than the typical amino acid, but give none of the raw rage - the anger - that comes with steroids. All steroids do is make you a cumbersome, apelike goon.


that's the way I heard it too...

interestingly (from what I've been told by the few bodybuilders that I've known), bodybuilders are at their biggest and strongest while on their lightest AAS cycles...the super mega-doses are used to preserve muscle while painfully dieting for a contest...


I think someone asked that question (The Sallone-amino thing) in a Strasseroids or Cy Wilson column waaay back. I belive the answer was yes, there is such an amino, it's called dianabol-amine.


I melt the BCAA tablets in a saucepan then mix with a little oil and inject into my glute. I have gained 70 lbs of solid muscle.

If you'd like I could lay out my BCAA cycle and dosing protocols.


Speaking of this topic, I bought an amino acids bottle from GNC..anyways the label says take 6 times daily..so should i take 2 in the morning, 2 afternoon, 2 at night (where workout is)? does that sound good?


Are you kidding?


C'mon Rock you didnt' know about that one? pssh!

Yeah, lets not be silly here guys. Look at the situation and you tell me. A famous actor is asked if he took and illegal drug that is very looked down upon to prepare for a role. Why well the semi-obvious reasons. He looks like he is ect. ect. His responce is "Yeah I took a strong amino acid that nobody has ever heard or or sells that works just like steroids..without the rage". LMFAO ROFL!!

He's not that sly (sp?)