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BCAAs on a Calorie Surplus


I’ve 1kg of BCAAs that I bought ages ago for no apparent reason and haven’t used yet. I looked into how to use them etc and found most of the information was about cutting weight. Is there any benefit to them while in a surplus? I saw a few things mentioned about recovery briefly.


Well you bought them, so you might as well use them. Use them intra-workout to give you that boost you might be lacking! Or if you really don’t feel like ‘wasting’ them. Just wait until you’re on a cut and use them then.


That’s sort of what I’m thinking, obviously I may as well use them but is it worth it now or do I save them for when I cut calories a bit in a few months?
I’m thinking of just mixing 10-15g in my litre bottle of water that I take to the gym.


yeah do this, taken mid workout is great for muscle building/most bang for your buck


Go for it! Nothing to lose!


Thanks for your help.


Personal opinion of course but on a surplus I’d say they were a waste unless you were intermittently fasting. Perhaps mid training session if they were longer than an hour and a half.
Save it if you ever decide to go on a deficit, or if you decide to cut calories a day out of the week. You’re getting in plenty of amino acids if you’re on a surplus.


Thanks for your opinion. I think I’ll try them mid workout for a week and see how they are and if there’s no difference I’ll probably save for cutting.


Poliquin has raved about BCAAs peri-workout for years. While I don’t believe everything he spouts, I believe through personal experience mega-dosing (30-40g) around the WO period is a solid protocol.


Would aminos intra workout benefit the lifter if the workouts are long? For example full body training


As above, yes. But don’t forget it makes sense to front-load some of the dosage as you want this stuff circulating from the first rep.