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BCAA's In My Whey


I have purchased some whey from EAS, and it says there is 5600mg of bcaa's per scoop. 1460valine, 1520 isoleucine, 2620 leucine. If I take usually at least 4 scoops a day, that would mean I get about 20g of bcaa's from my whey. Would this negate having to buy bcaa's seperatly?


Yes and no. Is your diet filled with complete protein in all meals? If so skip the BCAAs.


Lots of beef in it, so I'd assume that I don't need it then?


Taking BCAA's on their own before training has a use, check out the other thread from yesterday entitled dissolving BCAA's.


You certainly don't need BCAA's, but using them will help to optimize your results.


Yo, Dave. Do you have a specific protocol that you follow when usuing them? Other than in your PWO shake, do you take them at other times?