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BCAAs - How to Take Them?


I just started proper training after a long rest due to injury
I got myself some BCCAs but the tase is so foul that i can’t even mix it with the protein and carbs shake cos it’ll ruin the whole thing!,

Im taking it on its own but it doest really mix well with cold water.

im aware of the doses but can anyone pls tell em how to take this incredibly disgusting supplement?


PD: my preworkout shake is 30gms whey + 5 gms creatine + 2 bananas
postworkout: 50gms whey + 5 gms creatine + 80gms dextrose

I’m also taking carnitine twice a day

I use crystal light with BCAAs.

though adding BCAAs to a protein shake tastes fine IMO

I use crystal light, then eat it with a spoon.

Or just dump some powder in my mouth, and wash it down with water.

thnx guys