BCAAs/Glutamine and Diet Logs

Kelly Baggett put together an outstanding article documenting the benefits of BCAA and glutamine supplementation, and John Berardi has reinforced the importance of the two in his articles on the importance of post-workout nutrition. Furthermore, the dosages of each are best increased during times of significant stress (such as cutting phases). All that being said, how does everyone integrate BCAAs and glutamine into their diet logs? Obviously, they’re proteins, but I’ve always considered them as being “anti-catabolics” as opposed to, well, normal protein sources like powders, chicken, eggs, beef, etc. As such, I’ve never been really sure how to factor them into my diet. Protein? Unaccounted calories? I’ve been counting them as protein thus far. Unfortunately, when you’re cutting and sometimes taking in 30-40g combined BCAAs and glutamine, they seem to take up a large portion of your protein allotment for the day. And, personally, I would much rather chow down on some steak and feel satisfied! So what do you all count them as?

I’m counting them as protein. Maybe not the perfect fit, but it seems like the best choice. Kind of like I would count glycerin (if I ate the stuff) as a carb.

I use them but dont factor them in

I have always counted them as protein too. I agree that it sucks to drink some of what could be precious whole food when cutting…but you gotta do it sometimes.

To the best of my knowledge it takes a grouping of 12 amino
acids to qualify as a protein/calorie. I consume mass quantities
of amino’s: i.e. BCAA’s, glutamine, and tyrosine, but “do not”
list them as protein calories!

I cannot currently source this statement but will look later. (Please feel free to add or correct if this is wrong.)