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BCAA's for Gaining or Losing?

 I have a very fast metabolism and have had a very hard time gaining weight while lifting. I heard and read a lot about BCAAs helping with muscle growth and the rebuilding of muscles after a workout and began taking them. I have also been reading a lot about BCAAs helping body builders lose weight.

Which of these aspects are over powering? I have noticed the increase in recuperating after a workout while using the BCAAs, but at the same time my ultimate goal is to gain muscle weight. any thoughts would be appriciated, thanks


BCAA's alone won't push you to lose or gain, that's in your calorie intake. When gaining BCAA's help with everything you listed, recovery, etc. When cutting they are better timed in-between meals to halt catabolism.

Read the BCAA product thread- most, if not all, of this is covered there.