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BCAA's for Children


Since these amino acids can be found in food, is therte any harm in giving small doses to children?


Haha, im only 19, but I tell my girlfriend almost everyday. "You know when I have my SON(i'm refusing to have a daughter) he is going to eat like a man from birth. None of this pussy food." I was considering slipping in some good ingredients like whey, casein, vitamens when he's young.

lol anyway, i don't see how it would hurt just don't overdo the little guy.


Why does the child need BCAAs?


I would use EXTREME caution in giving a child any kind of supplement, including something as simple as vitamins (or BCAA).

You have no idea what a toxic dose may be, so err on the side of caution and don't give a child supplements. Feed them a proper diet and all of their nutrition will come from whole foods, as it should.


Yea - that's brilliant.

Please take a pediatric nutrition course before you ever decide to have children.


Perfectly fine, but adjust dosage to weight.


Yes, but I wouldn't advise anyone who is not familiar with the proper protocols to simply dose their kid with anything...

I would strongly suggest getting advisement from a medical professional before giving a child any kind of supplement. Obviously you've done that. : )


Doctors take 1 course in nutrition hence they always say a well balanced diet. They will always be ultraconservative. Smaller doses of protein powder should be fine.


Do whatever you want. If you think you're more informed than a medical professional, then why are you asking the question if you are already certain of the answer?



That sounds pretty generalized.


As a nutritional bio-chem major, on my way to being an RD, I do agree that doctors do not get a large amount of nutritional training - there's simply too much other stuff they need to know.

That said, I think it's foolish to decide that you know more than a medical professional when it comes to the health of a small child. Unless you're an endocrinologist, a pediatrician, a registered dietician, or at least have a solid college level education in biology, physiology or a related field.


RD's don't know shiite either. They were promoting the food pyramid for crying out loud.


Yes, an education in anatomy & physiology, organic, molecular and bio-chemistry, as well as microbiology (and those are just the pre-reqs) certainly means RDs "don't know shite".

Good luck in your future nutritional endeavors.


I wouldn't give BCAA to children.

If you're concerned with a child's protein intake, it would make more sense to supplement their diet with a bit of protein powder.


Haha, Sky your right as I said im 19 not gonna have children for long time, Thats pretty much what I ment that I'm going to make em eat healthy, not give them bcaa's. On the contrary isn't bcaa's pretty much just food anyway???


Sure - they're 3 essential amino acids, the building blocks of proteins - they're the monomers of food, certainly.

I just would be cautious dosing kids with ANYTHING unless you're certain as to the safety of the practice....


Fair enough. As you probably know and i'm just stating, amino acids can have pharmaceutical effects taking alone in larger doses. Anyone who has tried tyrosine knows this. So I agree that overall a child should just have a healthy diet.


Not sure why this has come up as a recent update but… Fuck me dead.


My girls ask for protein shakes (5 and 9). And promptly spill them all over the floor in my truck from time to time. Doesn’t protein powder contain BCAAs in it already? What would be the point anyway?


Oh wow 6 years ago. I wonder if tyreielle has any kids yet. $10 says if he did it’s a girl!