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BCAA's During Workout...

I read an article on T-Nation awhile ago (can’t find it now) where they were discussing taking MASSIVE amounts of BCAA’s during workouts- between 40-50 pills.

I’m first wondering, if anybody knows which article I’m referencing and secondly if you know roughly what size and time increments you would take the pills in. I don’t think the article mentioned that. I’m guessing one serving size (for my BCAA’s that’d be 4 pills) per two sets roughly?

Ok, potentially stupid follow-up question. Waterbury and Thib were advocating “before, during, and after”. Right now I’m taking a creatine supp. right after working out and then having Surge 30 min. after that.
Will it still be worthwhile for me to take BCAAs post-workout? Or is that just overkill for such a short period of time?

And I’m not now, but will be in the future, taking an N.O. supp pre-workout- will BCAAs affect my response to the N.O.? I’m assuming it won’t, but I thought I’d make sure.

Too much of a good thing is still a good thing. In the dosages they advocate you don’t hit their mark from Surge alone.

I don’t use BCAA’s per se but I do have a shake before during and after my workout. Each shake is about 55g of protein 10g of which is BCAA. So figure I’m eating around 165g protein and 30g BCAA from 30 minutes before my workout to 30min after. I recommend it

take your creatine with the Surge immediately after training.