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BCAA's During Workout Necessary After Drinking Surge Workout Fuel?


I just bought some Surge Workout Fuel for the first time and see that instructions say to drink before and during your workout. If I do this is it necessary to drink some BCAA’s during my workout?

I recently have been taking about ten grams of Biotest BCAA’s before and during my workout. I have also been experimenting with some pre-workout crap and see it does not work.

I take it that I don’t have to take BCAAs before my workout if I drink all or some of the SWF. Just wodering if In can drink all SWF prior to the workout and drink my BCAAs during? thanks in advance.


No not necessary SWF will do the job.

If training hard and heavy the more intraworkout supps the better so could add BCAAs if really want just depends on your personal budget


Thanks, Badger. I will add the BCAA’s intraworkout since I am pushing it pretty hard.