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BCAA's Dosing?


I have some glutamine and BCAA powder I've been using in 10 g increments. I always drink them after a HIIT session and sometimes in the morning. I've seen recommendations on this site for 40 g per day.
Right now I'm going 10% over maintenance for a couple months, then down to maint. level for a month and then two months of fat loss. I know the stuff isn't cheap but what is the ideal dosing and timing for consuming BCAA's? Should I spread 4 servings out during the day and around workouts--or are they better used when dieting?
Just wondering how some of you guys take your aminos.


Since no one else is jumping in... BCAA's are awesome anti-catabolic amino acids because skeletal muscle is made up of a majority of these 3. Basically by providing your body with BCAA's your recovery is sped up, because otherwise your skeletal muscle has to wait for you to provide enough BCAA from whole protein sources which can take several hours/days. So, its ideally best to consume your BCAA's and even your glutamine pre/post WO. I've also heard that BCAA's upon rising can be helpful but I just do 10g pre/post WO.



I just purchased some BCAAs myself and have been using glutamine for about a year now. The glutamine I take in the morning along with my protein shake immediately upon rising. I also take it immediately following my workout with a shake and with a shake before bed. Each dose is 5 grams. I have read that the BCAAs should be taken before and immediately after your workouts. I have also read that some people actually take them during the course of their workout also.