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BCAA's, Capsules vs. Powder


im looking in to buying some BCAA's. i was looking at some prices and the capsules and powder forms seem to be about the same price. my question is one superior to the other or are they the same because i would prefer to get the capsules because they would be more convient.


I have the same question. I bought Nutribolics powder and it contains no calories and the pill does. The drink contains sucralose, but no carbs, so is that alright if I'm doing the AD?


I prefer the tablets sold here from Biotest.



I like to have both. I mix BCAA's with some other goodies and drink during workouts, thanks JB. But I like the convenience of capsules. The benefit of the powder is they usually are a little cheaper (check the actual amount of powder total, you will see) and you can take big doses during workouts without having to stop and take or carry around capsules.


so what should i get?


Same here. I hassle with enough powders...nice to have something in pill form.


Anyone know is sucralose is okay for the ad?it's in the powder


Not to be a Biotest pimp, but I would buy the ones sold here. I have been taking them for a little while now and I can tell you I can not see myself going with out them. Since incorporating them into my diet I rarely get DOMS and I am putting on quite a bit of muscle while leaning out. I don't necessarily contribute this to BCAA alone, because my diet is spot on. They are definitely a staple supp I won't do without. BTW I take 20-50 grams of Biotest BCAA a day.


thanks i'm leaning towards buying these. can you explain how you spread them out throughout the day. and how you supplement with them on your workout days?



I've bought the Biotest ones a few times but they are pricey. If you follow the Poliquin/DiPasquale protocol off taking them during workouts, they will go quickly.

Get a bulk powder and sip on it during the day, and during workouts.

Or you could save the Biotest ones for workouts and sip on the powder throughout the day.


I would have to say powder will allow you to get maximum benefit during your training session. Try taking 20 horse sized tablets and you'll soon see its hard on your stomach. Capsules tend to have better absorbtion than tablets if you have any kind of sensitive digestion your body would be better served .

In my opinion Biotest bcaas are great if you have strong digestion for me work better between meals.
Beverly international have made the highest quality bcaa s for years.

I like there glutamine bcaas powder that is black cherry flavor for during training
I like there mass bcaa tablets also for during training
You'll find that cheaper bcaas dont really do much as ive pounded the vitamin shoppe kind like candy and almost felt nothing. I suspect alott of fillers!


Have you actually tried our BCAA tablets? I doubt you have as they are not harsh on the stomach what so ever.

This may have been the case 5 to 10 years ago, but current tableting technology allows us to make tablets that dissolve faster than capsules.

In fact, we can now even target exactly where in the GI tract we want a particular tablet to breakdown.

You're working off outdated information.

It would be easier and cheaper to encapsulate our BCAA, but it wouldn't be as good as the current tablets.


If you're tight on money, go with a powder. It's much cheaper and will get you more BCAAs for your buck.

If you're not that concerned with price and you enjoy the convenience of tablets, get em.

Depending on how many BCAAs you plan on taking though, you can run through a bottle of capsules very quickly.


I have tried them. I found that anymore than four and I couldn't take them. They were just to big, I do have some perastalisis problems from an accident so I am biased. capsules if I threw them in water they dissolved , none of the tablets did.

also the TRIBEX I had better results grinding up TRIBEX and taking it vs the pills. just My opinion.


I take 4 pills upon waking and before bed every day. If I wake up in the middle of the night I will take 4. I keep them beside my bed with a glass of water. I take 4 between every meal (6-7 meals). On training days I take 8 as soon as I walk into the gym and then I take 8 while I drink my Surge PWO.

I haven't tried taking them during training, but right before and right after seems to work fine. For the dosing 4 pills equals around 5 grams of BCAAs. I am using around a bottle a week. I think they are well worth it.


Your GI tract has little in common with a glass of water. The pH is significantly different.

Such a test doesn't have any indication of the disintegration of tablets once you swallow them.


damn bro i dont have enough money to buy a bottle a week.


Me either..ha ha... I would buy some and make them last. If anything just take them before and after training and maybe when you first wake up.



would these be a close second? there the best seller of BCAA's on bodybuilding.com

or should i just get the Biotest ones?


My biggest fear was that gulping a huge boat load of pills would kill my stomach, but I give props to Biotest because I don't even notice them after I swallow them down. I keep powder and the pills handy, both have their time and place where they are most useful.