BCAA's, Bulking, Cardio...

Let’s say I have been bulking for a very long time now, imo, from may til now (approx. 8 months, in which i went from 147 at about 9% bf to 180 now at probably 12-13% max). Currently I’ve got 2.5 more bottles left of HOT-ROX extreme, 2 more bottles left of TRIBEX, 80 more days left worth of bcaa’s, and the same for l-glutamine. I’ve been debating whether with these supplements I should just continue maintaining at 180-183 til this coming may (that will have been an entire year with not a single day of cardio), and hope that my bodyfat slowly goes down during that time while keeping at the same bodyweight. OR, i could use these supplements and probably end up keeping my strength if not gaining some while doing it, along with doing maybe 20-25 min. of fasted slow jogging 3-4x a week in the morning time before breakfast, but have 5g of bcaa’s and HOT-ROX extreme beforehand. I’m pretty confident I could drop the fat while maintaining or possibly gaining muscle mass, but I still seem to have a hard time warranting myself bodyweight loss at only 180 and 5’10" even if it is purely fat I lose, since my goal is 210 lbs.

What would be the best approach, lose some fat now while keeping strength levels or possibly gaining some, then go back to bulking and no cardio, or continue maintaining/super slow bulk while using these quality supplements in hopes for more gains in the right direction of my goal?

For the record, an 8 month bulk isnt a “very long time.” That aside, theres no one way to bulk.

If your goal is 210, well, then, keep going. If your goal is 210 5 years from now, then you have some time to stay lean.

If your ultimate goal is 210, relatively lean… you can bulk up to 225 and then cut 15 lbs of fat to reach your lean 210. Or, you can cut now, lose 10 lbs, bulk again, gain 20, cut ten, bulk 20, etc until you reach your lean 210. You could also do an extremely clean bulk, which would take longer to reach your 210 bodyweight.

Anyway, if you havent been taking HRX, if you start, you’ll probably lose some fat, despite bulking. If you have been using it, keep using it, and just clean up your diet a little. (clean does not necessarily mean decrease calories, just so you know.)

Personally, I think you should keep bulking to 210 if thats your goal.

Oh, and you do know you’ll eventually run out of supps, and have to buy more, right? :slight_smile: