BCAAs Before Cycling?

Hey little buddies,

Im about to start my off seaason program which goes seomthing like this;

Monday: Overhead press day
Tuesday: 40km road bike ride
Wednesday: Squat day
Thursday: 40km bike ride
Friday: Chest and back day
Weekend: Maybe an easy bike ride, and a bit of shoulder rehab/mobility work.

Goals are to get stronger, and maintain increase cardiovasuclar capacity.

Anyway, Im thinking of getting some BCAA’s to use especially before my cycling. Is this a good idea? Any particular ways I should be using them? Is the powdered version better than the tablet forms? Any other tips regarding my nutrition in view of the program above?


Yes, I would think it’s a good idea. I personally take BCAA’s before lifting and cardio. I’ve read many sources that say it helps prevent your muscles from becoming catabolic. Powdered forms will allow for faster digestion.

For nutrition, some quality carbs a few hours before you workout will give you energy for quality workouts i.e. Brown rice and protein 2-3 hours before your workout.