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BCAAs and V-Diet

Im about to start the V-diet (going for all 28 days)

I orderd 3 bottles of BCAA’s.

Should I take them during the V-Diet?

My Multi vitamins are enhanced with BCAA’s already.

I dont really want to take any more pills than I have to.

couldnt hurt taking them,

im guessing your vitamin has a very minimal amount as well they throw a few mg’s in and smack a big “WITH BCAA’S” on the label to make ya feel special :wink:


DF85, consider your BCAAs LBM/muscle insurance. Have you read the article and how Berardi, Waterbury and Thibaudeau use BCAAs? Chris Shugart who designed the V-Diet says that use of BCAAs should allow for an even more severe caloric deficit without muscle loss.

So even though I know you don’t want to be taking a lot of pills, I think it’s an excellent investment.

I decided to follow Berardi’s way, I was thinking of how consuing it might be to be taking all hese diffrent pills but it wont be that hard haha


I think not, especially if you get the results you’re hoping for.

V-Diet is only 28 days. Give it 100%, and make sure you do your walking.

Oh, and don’t forget to take Before pics!!! (grin)