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BCAAs and Surge

Anyone take BCAAs on top of Surge?

Good, bad, indifferent?


A big “Hey” to the Big “A.” (grin)

Recovering supplementaholic that I am, I still feel that a person’s nutrition will do more for them than supplements. I assume you’re talking about supporting/enhancing recovery.

If I remember correctly, whey protein has one of the higher concentrations of BCAAs of any of the protein sources. So if you’re ingesting some whey or Grow! an hour or so before your workout and using Surge during and after, and eating a whole food P+C meal afterwards, there shouldn’t be a need to supplement with extra BCAAs.

However, all that said, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with a bottle or a tub to see how your body responds. Glutamine is supposed to be of questionable value, yet there are many who swear by it.


      For the past week, I have been taking 30 grams of BCAAs pre-workout and 3 scoops of Surge post-workout for my afternoon squat workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I also take 2 scoops of Surge post-workout after my morning OL workouts Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
       Results have been excellent so far; I have been able to squat much heavier than I anticipated, and Friday I easily tripled a push-press weight that I had struggled to double a week before.
       Take this with a grain of salt, though, or better yet with a large canister of salt: I am a newbie, coming off a carefully conservative couple weeks of low volume, usually getting nine or ten hours of sleep a night, eating very well, and I am also taking 5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate a day and taking Power Drive for the first time.
       So it's working great for me, but you might be more interested in the results of someone who squats more than 225 and has done a more controlled study of the effects of the supplementation.

Taken from “Best Cost To Benefits Supplement” in the Think Tank Dialogs…

Chad Waterbury -

“In the past, I experimented with massive quantities during/post-workout with myself and my clients. Once Surge came along, I was thrilled to have a supplement with adequate BCAA’s along with carbs/protein. Using Surge instead of 12-16 grams of BCAA’s has been a hugely cost-efficient change that my clients have appreciated.”

John Berardi -

“Dont forget…Surge contains about 13g of BCAA. The ADDED BCAA content is 5.25g yet with the BCAA content of they whey hydrolysates, you’re getting a total of 13g of BCAA.”

Chad Waterbury -

"To clarify my point about BCAA’s, I want to add that the 12-16 grams I mentioned was consumed by myself and my clients during AND post-workout (24-32 grams total).

As JB mentioned, Surge has 13 grams. I’ve found that the 13 grams in Surge is sufficient for optimal recovery since consuming 32g didn’t provide any extra recovery boost beyond Surge. Another benefit of Surge is the extremely high-quality protein/carb selections. When I was taking 32g of BCAA’s, there wasn’t a product with such great protein/carb ingredients (d-glucose, whey hydrolysates, maltodextrin, etc) for replenishment. In other words, ideal post-workout nutrition consists of more than just BCAA’s. Surge is the total package."


Thanks for stopping by. Actually, I’ve been taking it for a while. When I first started it, I just used it on max effort days, heavy squats and such.

I was reviewing some food logs recently and noticed my usage had almost gotten to daily.

Just wanted to know if I was just flushing my money, you know litterally.

I think I will just cut back on useage - I have noticed enhanced recovery after max effort workouts.