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BCAA'a vs Whey Protein Shake


Hey guys,

So I've been taking BCAA's during my workouts, and it has helped a lot with reducing fatigue and giving me a lot of energy to keep up an intense workout.

However, it is too expensive for me to buy on a regular basis-As I go through a bottle in 1.5 weeks.

Can I substitute it with a regular whey shake with a high glycemic additive (i.e. orange juice)? And would it be as effective? If I do substitute I plan on drinking this extra shake during my workout, along with Surge right after. Please advise.



Just answered this in another thread and will repeat here. First BCAA layer actual whole food protein, meat, chicken breasts, steak, eggs. All rich in BCAA's. Second layer Protein Shakes like Metabolic Drive and or Surge. Third layer branched chained aminos BCAA's. Stacking all three of them together (using all of them at times throughout the day) provides the best anabolic environment. However, if you can't afford to add the third layer just make sure the first two are firmly in place.

Take care,



Yes. A whey protein shake 30 min-1 hour before your workout is just fine.
I like to add some bananas and raw milk to mine.


It would be foolish to give you a definite answer one way or the other without knowing the BCAA dosage you've been using.

If it's a low dose, you might get a comparable effect. The only way you'll know for certain is to try it.

By the way, OJ isn't really considered a high GI carb.


I take about 30 BCAA's per workout. Since OJ isnt considered a high GI carb, what can i use instead?