If you had to choose BCAA or l-GLUTAMIN. Which one would you pick.

I would say BCAA,s in or around your workout.In order to get an effect though I think you will requir more than 6 grams.On a personal note,I have tried BCAAs at 40 grams per workout and definetely there is something going on.

i’ve read some research on L-Glutamine use in deteriorating aids patients. they took up to 40g. a day, and actually gained .8 lb in LBM in 6 months. i think they are both important. when i get on myostat, i’m going to do a lot more L-Glutamine, BCAA’s… BUT, if i was on a stranded island… bla bla bla… i’d choose BCAA

ok guys, but what about glutamin PEPTIDE vs bcaa? do you feel the same here?